Website Issues

Hello cuties,

As you may have noticed, the website has been having some issues. The server side says that it is plugins related, so I am going to basically remove all plugins and let the website roll without any for a bit to see if that resolves issues.

How that affects you:
1. NO DARK MODE FOR A WHILE. I tried putting a different dark mode plugin but issues are still intermittent so I am going to go zero plugins for a while. (More people seem to use dark mode so I set it to dark mode in the theme. So I guess it actually is NO LIGHT MODE for a while).

2. Spam comments. Our spam filter plugin will be off too so please let us know in discord if you see any spam comments! You haven’t seen many (or really any) because our spam filter plugin has been doing it so far!

3. I think that’s it.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope the issues resolve soon.

-EAP Team


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11 Replies to “Website Issues”

      1. Lulu

        I really gratefull you choose the dark mode as theme… I really enjoy reading without hurting my eyes. Thank you so much

  1. Someone+who+you+don't+know5🙈

    Oh, I saw last time that something was wrong and I was wondering if that’s my problem. Now its okay, thank you 🎀

  2. WhiteRabbit

    How is it faring with the server? Is it still suffering from a lot of issues?
    As far as I’m aware on my side, the website is a bit slow and every now and then the 503 ‘Service unavailable’ error pops up. Nothing some patience or a refresh can’t solve ‘though. Are you perhaps getting more traffic on the server, so much so it can’t handle it well enough anymore?

    Much appreciated for all the hard work you put in!

    1. admin Post author

      It does seem to be better, but uncertain why the 503 errors are still happening. They randomly come and go. traffic has been consistent so that should not be the issue.


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