Why am I Karin? – Chapter 3

Karin’s POV

After meeting Cale at that banquet, I did not have anything to do, so I made a bracelet for myself with a matching communication function with Cale’s. The function is unique because it is not a video or voice communication device. After putting in some mana, bubbles like those made from soap pop up with letters in them that you use to “type” a message. The other receives them in the form of sound, similar to a text-to-speech function. Honestly, I’m not sure why the spell works that way, perhaps it was because I was thinking of cellphones when I engraved the function in the item? An important thing to note is that because both Cale’s bracelet and mine were made by me, they are able to connect. It’s very convenient, and according to Iris, it’s also easy to use.

(Alright, now that I made one for myself, let’s contact Cale after the bombing incident happens. I’ll  be safe since Cale is handling it, so I’ll leave that to him and not interfere.)


The day of the bombing incident – Cale’s POV

The bombs were going to detonate soon.

The two people, who had used acceleration magic, were rushing toward the plaza at a fast speed.

One of the two rushed toward the royal family while the other…

‘He’s coming this way.’

Rushed toward the nobles.

All of this happened in less than 10 seconds.

– I’m coming!

Cale raised his hand as he heard the dragon’s voice.


“R, run away!”


It was too late to dodge. You were not going to get out of the bomb’s range simply by running for a few seconds.

“C, Cale, let’s go!”

“Young master Cale, hurry!”

Eric, Taylor, Gilbert, and Amiru did not run away right away like the others. They were trying to save Cale as well. However, it was all too late.

Cale was extremely annoyed. If he started to run and the bomb went off, he would probably lose an arm. However, the Vitality of the Heart would help him recover his arm. He glanced at his arm, and noticed the bracelet. He had decided to give it a test run today, to see if it was useful and as a precaution just in case something went wrong, like now.

He would be fine. However, the people who were trying to protect him would lose at least a limb no matter how fast they ran. They would also not be able to recover from their injuries as he could.

Rather than allowing something like that to happen…


Cale let out a deep sigh and opened his palm up into the air. It was time to change plans. At that moment, Rosalyn, who was teleported through the Black Dragon’s magic, created a two-layer shield around herself and Cale. 

At the same time…


Redika shouted out with joy.


Rosalyn had a blank expression as she stared at what was going on in front of her.

The suicide bomber who was headed their way was surrounded by large wings. A silver shield shot up to the sky as if it was protecting the people in the plaza, and the wings of the shield surrounded the bomber. It looked like the shield and the wings were completely swallowing up the bomber.

And a strong shield that was not very visible because of the silver light surrounded the silver shield.

– I will block it as well.

The Black Dragon announced in Cale’s head.

A holy looking person with a silver shield was standing underneath the sun. A strand of silver light connected the red-haired man with the shield in the sky. 




Two explosions that could not be compared to the one from earlier simultaneously went off in the plaza. Everybody crouched down and covered their heads with their hands.


“Ugh. My, my arm!”


The screams of people getting injured or killed filled the plaza. And then…




A gust that sounded like rain brushed by over the heads of the people. The people at the center of the plaza got covered by the dust from the ground, while the people by the fountains got drenched by the fountain water before they all slowly raised their heads.

The people still alive all raised their heads up. They then looked toward where the nobles and the citizens had been standing.




The silver shield started to slowly break like pieces of glass. The silver wings crumbled down as well. As they started to crumble, black smoke started to come out of the encirclement. There definitely was a person inside, however, nothing, not even a piece of flesh or even a drop of blood, could be seen.

Everybody looking felt chills going down their body. This helped them understand the strength of the explosion. Their gazes naturally turned toward a single location. It was the end of that silver strand of light.

“Young master Cale!”

Rosalyn quickly started to support Cale back up, as one of Cale’s knees gave out and he was starting to fall. Rosalyn looked back and forth between Cale and the silver shield that was slowly dissipating. She then looked toward the royal family. These were two very strong explosions.

Of course, Rosalyn knew that the Black Dragon’s shield had absorbed the majority of the explosion, but it was still true that Cale’s silver shield had done something amazing.

That meant that the Recoil from it would be severe as well.

“Cale, are you okay?”

“I’m ok…cough!”

“B, blood……!”

Eric’s face turned pale, and he almost fell backward. 

However, Cale started to feel better after coughing up a few drops of blood.

‘The Vitality of the Heart really is good.’

The pain in his body disappeared, and his body started to settle back to normal at a very fast rate. In fact, Cale’s body became healthier than ever as the, ‘Vitality of the Heart,’ started to go to work. 

In addition, there had been a sensation of something hugging him the moment he activated his shield, almost as if he was surrounded by an exoskeleton or a sort of film. Thanks to that, he had felt very little pain. He glanced at the simple silver bracelet he was wearing again, and silently acknowledged it.

A refreshing feeling that was similar to the feeling he had when he was able to sleep peacefully because Ron had gone on vacation surrounded Cale. 

‘Is this the effect of the bracelet in addition to the Vitality of the Heart? It seems the recoil was minimized slightly. It feels like I’ve become sturdier too somehow. How strange. I still don’t know how that person knows the name Kim Rok Soo, but she does not seem like an enemy if she gave me something like this.’

He made a mental note to have the Dragon figure out how the communication function worked on this bracelet, so he could contact that person who made it. Even a little boost is better than nothing after all. 


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9 Replies to “Why am I Karin? – Chapter 3”

  1. Naru

    I feel like Cale would be a lot more suspicious. He wouldn’t have trusted Karin nor used the bracelet, but overall this fic is very nice :3 Karin is a likeable character, she seems to be intelligent and very well intentioned, because her priority as soon as she appeared in this world, was to help Cale, instead of getting close to him and be her gf or something like that. I liked the plan she made as soon as she woke up in the first chapter xD And lastly, I’ve been daydreaming with a fic about a TCF reader getting in Cale’s world for a while, so I was really happy to see someone had written one! I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for making this ^w^

    1. Anna_Yvette Post author

      I was thinking so as well, but Cale has the dragon to check for traps and to verify the bracelet’s function… Wouldn’t he use something that he was given as long as it’s free and safe? I feel like Cale is kinda chill like that. He doesn’t trust Karin right now, but he figured he might as well use the bracelet to basically do a test run of its effects using the terror incident, since the dragon verified it was safe to use.

        1. Anna_Yvette Post author

          Thank you so much for your input though! This is my first fic ever so I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

  2. Abigail

    Ahhhh!! we have a new addition to Cale’s group!!! I bet the damn Duke Orsena is gonna get shocked kekekeke~


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