Why am I Karin? – Chapter 14

Karin’s POV

(It’s time to go.)

I looked down at my body and felt a tinge of regret before shaking the negative thoughts out. It was the only way, I couldn’t wuss out now. As long as I can get to the bracelet, things will turn out just fine!

I channeled my mana into my fingertip as I would my chisel, which took much more effort than expected. The mana kept fizzling and dispersing if I lost focus for the slightest moment. After around thirty minutes of struggling to create a mana blade on my fingertip, I mastered it. It was time.

I winced as the mana sliced through the skin of my thigh and into the bruised flesh, causing tears of pain to spring from my eyes. It really hurt, but I needed to do this. I needed to take care of my own problems instead of acting as though I’m some damsel in distress. Despite the excruciating agony that felt like being branded with an iron, I kept on, carving lines in warm flesh unlike the usual cold metal.


Line by line, letter by letter.


Within an hour one leg was done, enhancement sentences and support crests carved from thigh to heel.


[Become strong and swift, to leave this prison]


Blood started to ooze from my cuts, and I knew I needed to hurry if I was to escape before dying or losing consciousness from losing too much of my blood.



Line by line, letter by letter.


I continued onto the next leg, fighting off tears and swallowing down the groans of pain. Trying to ignore the tearing of flesh. I needed to stay quiet. The guards were still here and I needed to finish before they caught on. I needed the element of surprise. Before long, my left leg was engraved with the same spells, looking as though it was some morbid art project. Now… m-my arms. I need to be strong enough to break the chains after all…


Line by line, letter by letter.


“Fuck… owww… Ugh, well, of course it would hurt, I’m cutting my own body to pieces… Dammit.”

I kept mumbling swears as I continued this horrible, horrible task. Fuck! It really really hurts. Why did I think this was a good idea? A few tears dripped against my will from my tear ducts as I single-mindedly focused on my task.

After three whole hours, the self-induced mutilation was completed and all four limbs were endowed with my magic. I felt the mana activating and finally felt strong enough to act.

(All I need to do is get my bracelet, and Raon will teleport here… that’s all I need to do. That’s all I need to do, just get the bracelet…)


Line by line, letter by letter.


Repeating the purpose of my actions like a mantra to keep my morale and keep me sane as I felt every drop of my blood escaping the tears in my flesh sliding down my body, I grasped the damned chains and pulled. The iron rivets ripped out of the wall and the chains shattered, the walls cracking from the sheer force.

(Shit, I didn’t think the effect would be this much… well if it works, it works. I don’t have the time to worry about things like this.)

“What was that?”

Upon hearing the loud noises coming from the cell, the guard on shift ran over to investigate.

Before he could arrive I ripped apart the other chain, and was now completely free from the wall. Now to take the opportunity given to me…

Upon arriving at the vicinity of the room, the guard quickly unlocked and opened the door before freezing in shock.

(Oh lucky~ It’s that bastard Craig. This is the best case scenario~)

He stared at the blood from my wounds covering my body and looked back and forth from the crumbling walls behind me to my person. It seems he couldn’t understand what he was looking at.

“What in the world-!!!”

I deliberately let some of my false composure go and let myself act a little crazy, to keep myself going and not be restricted by my thoughts or morals. All that matters is reaching the goal. I don’t need to focus on rationality here. This very world I ended up in is already so absurd to begin with after all. If I also wanted Craig to freak the hell out because I must’ve looked like a horror monster (but that wasn’t the point-), wanting to glean a bit of amusement from this shitty situation, no one would ever need to know.

I made the sweetest smile I could manage considering the pain I was in and gently climbed to my feet, slightly staggering as I felt even more blood flow from the incisions every time I moved. It seemed I had less time than I thought. My hair swayed and covered my face. I reached up to push it away, causing the blood on my hands to smear onto my cheek. It felt sticky and the drying red liquid reminded me of my own time ticking down. I needed to hurry.

“…Oopsies? Hehe~”

Craig backed up a step in fear, his eyes wide and his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. I took the opportunity to rush at the bastard, elbowing him in the neck like I’ve always wanted to. I heard his bones crack as he fell down and felt a hint of satisfaction, causing a sardonic smile to spread upon my face. I heard more guards coming and I knew it was time to run.


Line by line, letter by letter.


I pushed my legs forward, ignoring the blood spurting out every time I stressed my muscles. I ran towards the stairs in a sprint, and kicked the door down. I kicked the other guard in the gut, before pushing off of it like a springboard and dashing down the hallway, my blood painting the floor as a coppery scent filled the air. My senses were as clear as the blood flowing from my engravings and I felt so, so free. I reached the room with my tools, grabbing the bracelet from the bag, and shoved it onto my bruised wrist, connecting it to Cale.

Upon achieving my goal of reuniting with my precious things and my lifeline to freedom, I felt myself calming down. My adrenaline was fading and the throbbing feeling of the extreme blood loss became stronger and louder and I became woozy, my eyes fuzzy. I realized what my condition must be right now, and felt desperation and fear fill my body. I might die. I need them to come here, I don’t want to die again! I desperately started choosing letter after letter as I felt weaker and weaker, fighting off the panic threatening to overcome me.

(I can’t faint now. If I do I may never wake up! I need to.. contact… !)

{Cale. Srry. So mch blood. Hlp}


Line by line, letter by letter.


I sent what was probably the shoddiest text message I have ever made in both of my lives, but as long as they get it, it will be enough. I know the great and mighty Raon Miru will be able to track it instantly. It will be okay… It must be okay. Please-

Within a second I saw a bright light appear in the room and upon seeing a shock of red hair, felt relief beyond anything I have felt before. I smiled at them as my tears streamed down my face. I was so, so glad they came.

I immediately felt my body start to collapse and my eyes defocused. I heard a young-sounding anguished cry as my head tilted towards the floor.

There was a numb jolting sensation, and my body seemed to stop falling. Nothing was in focus and it felt like I was underwater. I gasped for breath, hot tears streaking down my cheeks. All I could hear was the throbbing of blood in my ears and what sounded like a choked sob. I tried to say something but I couldn’t tell if I managed it. I thought I saw a shocked and panicked expression on Cale’s face before the blackness overtook me.


Line by line-




Cale was spinning the silver bracelet around his wrist absentmindedly while sitting in a comfortable chair, waiting for Ron’s report in the fifth floor bedroom of the Super Rock Villa. Karin’s whereabouts had been whittled down and evidence pointed to a mid-ranking noble’s residence in the capital. It was just a matter of receiving the floorplan and guard rotation schedules before they infiltrated the mansion. The children averaging seven-years-old were playing on top of the sheets. Suddenly, the bracelet activated and a message came through. Raon’s head shot up and his eyes glued themselves to the glowing band. He quickly flew over to Cale’s side.

{Cale. Srry. So mch blood. Hlp}

Cale’s eyes hardened as he received the message.

‘No matter how you read it, this is an emergency message.’


“The coordinates the message came from is the same location we discovered!”

“Let’s go. On, Hong, tell Ron the plan has changed.”

“Okay, human!”

“Sure, nya.”

“Make sure to bring Karin back, nya!”

Raon immediately channeled his mana and created a teleportation circle with Karin’s coordinates. Cale opened his eyes once they arrived and immediately froze in shock.

‘What the hell!?’

The place they teleported into was a common guest room in a noble’s residence, but the floor was covered in blood splatters and bloody footsteps leading to a tattered, bruised, and bleeding Karin Orsena. The room absolutely reeked of the coppery, rusty scent of blood.

Karin turned her head to look at them, and Cale cringed slightly at the sight of dried blood upon her pale face. The most alarming thing was the wet tears soaking her face upon seeing them, a pained smile blooming upon her lips. Her tears continued to fall, mixing together with the crimson blood that kept oozing from all of her limbs. Raon cried out in horror at the heartbreakingly gruesome sight while Cale stood frozen stiff in complete shock.


The young girl swayed where she stood, and started collapsing on herself like a puppet with their strings cut. Before he realized it, Cale had moved to her using the Sound of the Wind, catching her before her head hit the stone floor. As Karin’s blood pooled around them, staining Cale’s clothes scarlet, she looked up at him and moved her lips slowly, her voice raspy and quiet as a whisper.

“T-Thank y-”

Leaving her words incomplete, Karin’s unconscious bloodied body fell limp in Cale’s arms. Cale’s face contorted in horror, the records of past tragedy taking his people away suddenly surging to the surface despite his best attempts at burying them. Raon was sobbing and shaking as he hovered above the two, his mental state just as chaotic as Cale’s.

“K-Karin- blood, s-so much blood! Karin, wake up! Karin-”

Cale quickly came to his senses from hearing the small Dragon’s babbling. He noticed the most urgent aspect of Karin’s condition and immediately ordered Raon to teleport them to the Super Rock Villa.

Karin was covered in her drying blood, but her blood had not stopped flowing yet.


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