Why am I Karin? – Chapter 11


Karin’s POV

When I came to, I found myself in a room that looked suspiciously like a prison cell or some underground dungeon. At least, the color scheme seemed like one. My head was pounding and my eyes were blurry, and every part of my body seemed to hurt or at least ache. I clenched my eyes shut again briefly so they could focus before opening them again. I feel sick.

Still completely out of it, I took a look around my surroundings.
The floor was simple packed dirt, the walls were composed of dirty gray stone, and there was a shoddy looking cot in the corner of the room. There was also a bucket. I’ve decided to not think about what the bucket is for. Yuck. Where even is this place…

(Based on my observations along with my common sense as a human being capable of actual thought, I come to the conclusion that not only does this look like a prison cell, but it actually is one. Why the hell am I in some cell room-)


I tried shifting my position slightly to help regain my bearings, when a sudden excruciating pain shot up my spine starting from my right thigh causing me to let out a cry despite my instincts telling me to be quiet.

And with that pain, the memories of earlier came back to the front of my thoughts. The trip that was supposed to be mundane and safe in friendly territory so I didn’t bring my shield item. The nice old blacksmith I met in Rain City. The hooded man. The hooded men. Kidnappers. How they followed me and grabbed me and how one of them kicked me and how they took me without me being able to let out a cry for help. How they mentioned the duke-

(I’m scared. It hurts. My leg hurts so bad! I’m scared- Wait. Evelyn, calm down. You need to keep it together and assess the situation.)

I took a deep breath, and glanced down at my leg. My simple blue dress covered it from view but I am certain it’s not looking pretty after I heard something crack when one of those men kicked me… but that wasn’t anywhere close to the only thing wrong.

My magic bag was nowhere to be seen. Not only that, but my cloak was gone, and I could see I had metal cuffs around my right leg and my left arm. I had a passing thought wondering why they weren’t consistent about the side they cuffed me on but that really isn’t important right now. The chains led from the cuffs around my limbs all the way to the back wall, long enough only for me to reach the bed and bucket. I assume the reason my right arm wasn’t cuffed was so I could feed myself… and… wipe… I stifled a grimace and a shudder.
I then froze in place as my anxiety began to skyrocket even further.

I realized I was wearing none of my enhancement jewelry that I put on this morning. Not even a single ring. They must have taken them because they are magic items. I don’t have my bag with my tools or my items! I’m completely powerless without them! Shit, what do I do? I don’t even know where I am or how long I’ve been unconscious, and I don’t even have my bracelet so I can’t contact Cale or Iris!
I started to tear up a little at this feeling of isolation and how vulnerable I felt. I don’t want to cry!

(I haven’t felt so powerless since I first came to this world… I’m scared…)


As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard the sound of the metal cell door opening. I looked up to see the visitor. A certain middle-aged Duke walked through the opened door. It seems a knight opened it for him. That knight happened to have a familiar face. It was that bastard from the alley that kicked me. Was his name Crog? Craig? Whatever it is, I don’t really care. The more important question is, that bastard was actually a knight?? That pisses me off so much. I gave a dignified, proud smile as I looked directly at the guests from down on the floor and greeted them properly.

“Wowwieee, how proper of you sir knight, how about I nail you in the balls to show my appreciation for your actions on our first meeting. Oh don’t be shy, come on over~ I’ll make it quick and painful as hell. Oh, you’re here too father? Ha! As if you could even be considered a father, having some thug playing knight physically assault and kidnap your daughter. So, how can I help you sir? It’s been a while. Long time no see~”

(I’m so scared I hate this I hate this I want to go home why did you do this it hurts I’m scared save me I want to go home)

The Duke’s face turned red from anger, and he quickly approached me. I expected a rage filled tirade without violence. Was this naive of me? I don’t know, I can’t think straight right now. It’s too much all at once, and I am completely unable to compose myself and think rationally. I offhandedly thought whether I might have a concussion of some sort- and failed to react in time to brace myself.

Without any warning, the duke punched me directly in my face before, sending the world in my eyes spinning as I was sent flying helplessly towards the back wall. The method being via kick to stomach. I felt my back slam into the cold stone as my head rang, barely cognizant of the blood dripping from my head and mouth. I heard a slimy, grainy voice near my ear as my body stayed slumped against the wall.

“Shut up and stay quiet you stupid wretch, just like you are supposed to. How dare you speak like that with your useless mouth. I gave someone like you everything you wanted, and you repay my kindness by rebelling and disappearing without making yourself useful! Hah! I’m not sure where you went or who you were with, but I’ll make sure every single person who you hold dear and has helped you learns what happens when they help an ungrateful bitch like you. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can witness every single consequence of your actions thus far. You just stay here and repent for your disgraceful and ungrateful behavior until I call for you.

I vaguely felt a splotch of cold liquid land on one of my cheeks, but I couldn’t move a finger. The world spun back and forth, and the torch light seemed much too bright. I shut my eyes helplessly as I cried tears that might be mixed with my blood. I just laid there with tears rolling down my face, desperately trying to suppress the sobs threatening to escape my parched throat. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of hearing me wail.

“Tsk, you should have just stayed a pretty doll.”

At some point, it seemed the Duke left along with his entourage after observing me cry for who knows how long. Even afterwards, I kept my eyes shut tight. It was so, so quiet in the darkness of the cell. I finally let myself sob, the whines and cries escaping my bruised lips.
I feel so, so alone. Will Cale even realize something is wrong? What if no one comes for me? What if they do come for me and the Duke hurts them?

(I know Cale and his group are strong and can’t be killed by someone like that, but what if they get hurt trying to save me- It hurts, I want to go home- Someone save me please- No please don’t come you could get hurt- I’m scared I’m all alone, what if I’ll be alone here forever- it hurts… I’m scared-)

Another hot tear left my swollen eyes. Exhaustion swept over me, and I felt myself drifting away to unconsciousness.

(I need to stay strong and survive. As long as I am alive, I can be saved. I need to survive, to wake up again… I’ll be strong.)

I let a small, almost inaudible whisper escape my lips, my emotions tangible in the words. Desperate and determined.

“I’ll do my best. I’ll stay alive and stay myself. So… please, come find me.”


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