Disconnected – Chapter 8: Mainstream Trip (pt.3)

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was said to be manhandled by Hercules.

Unlike other monsters that crossed the path of the legendary hero, Cerberus, who had been subjugated, was brought to Eurystheus so that it can continue its duty of guarding the hell gate.

This is exactly why Aidou was left alone by the Hero party of this world as well.

Although, in addition to its important job, Aidou also should not be killed for another reason.

As mentioned before, Aidou is one of The Three Primordial Rulers.

Specifically, it is the ruler of the earth.

No matter how weak it had become over time and other things, what do you think would happen to the monsters on land once they found out that their leader has been killed by a mere human?

‘Nothing good, that’s for sure.’

Which is why when Cherry asked her whether they have to fight such a terrifying monster, Serein easily replied with–


It’s not impossible, per see.

After all, Aidou was mentioned to be beheaded within the next three years or so, causing the unbalance and major destruction to the world which somehow by the munchkin novel’s magic, can be solved by the MC of the story.

By a close clutch, it could be done.

With the weakened state of the monster King, it should be easier than normal. And the fame that she’ll gain for slaying such a legendary mutant would bring her name to be written beside the ancient heroes’ names.

However, Serein really wouldn’t. There’s really no need for them to foolishly bring another catastrophic event towards themselves like that.

No fame and monetary value would ever be worth the lives of thousands after all.

Either way, Serein did not plan to test it out.

‘We already have man-made monsters to be worried about later on.’

There’s no need to increase their list of enemies unnecessarily like that.

Especially in an Era when Nature still prevails against manpower and their knowledge.


Snapping herself out of her inner monologue regarding this legendary monster, Serein reached into her pouch again.

This time, she grabbed a container for a special and one of the two poisons that she had been using the rest of her fortune on.

Bright green in color, she’d say that the poison looked like it actually glowed in the dark.

‘It looks expensive.’

Which it is.

She was betting her life on it after all.

‘This won’t be strong enough to kill a dragon.’

It wouldn’t even cause as much damage as whatever poison that Cavehir had on his injuries.

So the chance that it would kill a monster that used to have equal standing with THE Dragon Lord is extremely slim by default.

But that’s alright.

To ‘kill it’ was not her objective anyway.

“Serein-shi… are you planning to tranquil that monster?”

Cherry asked in disbelief as she watched Serein twirling the small container to mix the contents of the small vial, making it glow brighter although it’s not as luminous a proper light source.

“Hmm? Yeah. It’s guarding the shortcut to the mountain. So, rather than taking the longer normal route around the forest, I bought this.”

While the pink-haired royalty observed the unknown substance, that young adventurer casually answered with a tone that’s not any higher than a whisper before then turning to the mage with a question fully.

“Miss Cherry?”

The princess in disguise hummed, and magenta pairs flickered to hazel.

“Do you happen to know recreation magic as well? If so, can you make me a bow and arrow?”

If she could have those two weapons, she wouldn’t have risked getting injured just to get close. However, much to her dismay, Cherry shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know such advanced magic just yet.”

Well, technically that’s not right.

Princess Cerise was said to be a prodigy, so in all honesty, she has already learned some advanced magic. Though, to their luck, recreation magic is not one of them.

‘Too bad.’

Serein did not respond verbally and just thought of that comment in her mind as she lamented over the fact that she had bought those snack bars rather than a cheap bow and one sturdy arrow.

After all, that was what she truly needed right now.

To think that the only time she was truly concerned about her unhealthy diet brought her to this sense of regret of not being fully armed. She was not as prepared as she thought she was.

“Oh, well.”

There’s no need to lament over spilled milk.’

Therefore, instead of drowning in regrets, she tried to think back about how the said food she had bought actually helped two starving people and fulfilled two cute Wyrms’ curiosity.

Only then did she calm down a bit and decided to just go with what they have now.

‘Welp. Guess Imma go bare-handed once this fight is over?’

She was not left with any other options, especially since she had sold everything else including her sword, to have enough money for these bottles of poison.

‘Then again, I could always buy new weapons later.’

Brightened up a bit at the thought of the gold coins that were promised to her, Serein once again focused her mind back on her initial plan and slipped the capsule she grabbed earlier into her mouth.

“That capsule…”

Cherry, who had been suspicious earlier, trailed in uncertainty while Serein simply smiled a bit.

“You can’t always play by the rules in this harsh world, princess.”

With that confirmation, Cherry’s clouding eyes rounded.

Too bad, before she could tell the other to spit out the illegal drug, Serein raised her hand.

“Unless it’s necessary, I wouldn’t be consuming it.”

She said, pulling her lip for a bit to show that she’s not yet consuming the capsule, and instead simply slipping it into her mouth.

Waiting for no other protest, that monochromatic-haired then told the pinknette to cover her mouth and nose before she then opened the vial’s lid.

Soon the fumes from the bright poison hit their nose just a moment after the said action.

‘That crook said that this potion shouldn’t work fully on humans– just some inevitable side effects.’

That doesn’t mean that it did not smell awful.

In a matter of fact, Serein herself felt a bit lightheaded as she poured the bright liquid onto one of her daggers.

“Stay here. I’m going to make that punk kneel.”

Serein told Cherry who frowned lightly, though did not complain much, other than saying…

“I’ll keep watch. If I see you with too much of a disadvantage, don’t expect me to sit still, doing nothing.”

The young adventurer gave a simple nod to that declaration. It was always good to have a trusty backup plan anyway.

“However, if I look like a lost cause, just leave and get to the right track I informed you of.”

Serein instructed the pink-haired mage who looked like she was holding back a lot of protests based on her twitching eyebrow.

“Just… What’s with you people telling me to abandon you guys, huh? Am I really not that reliable?”

Cherry grumbled under her breath as she remembered how many times Gil, her own childhood friend, already told her similar phrases lately.

But of course, Serein listened to nothing of her woes.

Instead, those hazel eyes sharpened in concentration as she calculated the fastest and most accurate route for her to get close and stab the poison-covered dagger into either its mouth or its eyes as those two are most likely to be the easiest part of the monster’s body to be penetrated by the glowing blade.

‘That monster is awake.’

The only time Aidou would be found asleep is once the forest acid started to rise as high as a human’s ankle. And even then, its nest is right above the tunnel’s entrance.

This means, there’s literally no gap for them to barge in without subjugating this Monster King first.

‘There’s a path.’

Having enough experience in the act, Serein could see the places she needed to step onto to get closer.

“Hey, are you sure that I can’t help you in any way? I can hide your presence while you jump on it.”

Cherry offered once more before that young adventurer could start her attack.

‘It would be convenient if I could use wind magic to boost me up here, but…’

“That thing is sensitive to mana– All of The Primordial Rulers are.”

Serein herself shakes her head as she rejects the idea.

“I’d become a prime target instead if you used magic on me.”

Hearing this, Cherry felt rather worthless but tried her best to be understanding of the situation. This was not the place for her to argue after all.

Especially not when her guide seemed like she knew what she was doing.

Therefore, deciding to stick to her role, for now, Cherry agreed to observe closely while Serein began her fast track.

Min Suhyun had always been one of the fastest and sneakiest members in her previous group.

Who would have thought that she’d ended up reenacting the sensation while getting trapped in a completely different world?

– Tap Tap Tap

Her hair fluttered as she jumped on one branch after another with the bare minimum amount of noise, closing the distance between herself and her target.

Stealthy in her movement, there’s a reason why Min Suhyun was called The Phantom of the group. She was really lucky that Serein’s body can keep up with her flawless movement.

– Shaaaaaaa…

Even the leaves made a louder sound than her feather-like steps.

Hazel orbs did not shake in the slightest despite how the passing wind and still raging rain made it hard for normal people to see where they should be heading, let alone be quiet on the task.

‘One last branch to the left.’

‘Aim for the tallest tree.‘

‘Climb three branches up.’

Soon enough, Serein arrived at the ideal place to launch her ambush.

A strategic place on Aidou’s back– one of his blind spots that she figured out from Cherry’s story on the draft she wrote.

‘I can see it’

The silhouette showed that her target was in fact, in front of her.

‘One stab is all I need.’

The poison should do the rest of the work for them.

“This wouldn’t kill anything big like those monsters you’re about to see~ Instead! 15 minutes of sleeping on a full-fledged dragon. Fufufu, Interested~?”

Remembering the crook’s words as she bought the glowing potion, Serein tightened her grip on her daggers– especially the poisoned one as she threw out every last bit of doubt that was lingering and immediately aimed for that Monster King’s occipital region.

– Swooooosh!

Wasting not a single second, Serein jumped from the closest tree, intending to land a hit on the Eagle head’s blind eyes when…


Pretty much still in mid-air, hazel eyes rounded as she immediately curled forward with her arms shielding her front when the monster’s Serpent Tail whipped on her.

– Baaaaaang!


Serein barely managed to defend against that formless attack thanks to Cherry’s spontaneous shield. However, her body was sent flying back and crashed into the tall tree trunk she just jumped from.

– Boom!

It was a loud crash, and the center of the tree caved in. Honestly, had it not been for the fact that Serein diligently trained herself, she might have cracked more bones than the number of her fingers.


Disoriented, however, Serein realized that she had been discovered.

As soon as she regained a sliver of her motoric control, she immediately jumped back to her own two feet with a low grunt.

That young monochromatic-haired adventurer had thought that Aidou turned at her because it was finally reacting to the presence of someone aiming for its head.

However, her mind flipped at that moment when the ground shook violently…

– Krasak krasak!

Plant Veins waved around and moved like tentacles as if they contained their own consciousness.

In the blink of an eye, tree branches and roots started to knit together and created a barrier that secluded her and Aidou from the rest of the world.


Cherry, who couldn’t stop herself from yelling out, was seen leaving her hiding spot and running towards the young adventurer…

Unfortunately, she was not fast enough to get any closer.


Actually, the timing just seemed to be perfect to be called a coincidence.

An annoyed snicker rose on those bruised pale lips as Serein realized what she just figured out a bit too late.

‘This bastard was waiting.’

Its reaction is far too clean as if it has been expecting such an ambush to commence.

The three-headed monster was not just standing still doing nothing. The Monster King Aidou has been waiting for Serein to start her strike and baiting her by acting as if it lets its guard down.


‘What a screwed bastard.’

Realizing that she already accidentally bit the capsule upon contact and burst out its contents, Serein has no other choice but to gulp the foul substance as another thought crossed her mind at that moment.

It seems like she needs to go all out for this too after all…

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! I’m back now with the recovered chapters and updates. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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