Disconnected – Chapter 7: Mainstream Trip (pt.2)

– Krasak Krasak…

Jumping from one branch to another, Serein and Cherry made their way to the deeper part of the Blasphemos Woodland, which would lead them to Ervenyl Mountain, the heart of this rainforest.

They only stopped for a bit whenever a big monster was detected and they couldn’t depend on their speed to escape it.

After all, a battle is not an option.

If either of them were to break into a fight with any of those mutants right now, it can almost be guaranteed that they won’t be able to return by Sunset.


Serein signed for them to stop as soon she heard as though stomping feet were coming closer.

-Kung. Kung. Kung…

Hiding their presence to blend up with the forest itself, Serein was glad that this is in fact a fantasy-based world.

‘Imagine how bad it would be if these nasties exist and we have nothing to counter it.’

She internally shuddered, for once not due to her inner cold, but rather from the thought.

Then again, to fight these mutants head-on would probably be the only way to go if she was to get caught for real without Cherry’s help.

After all, Serein couldn’t control mana and had no mili, no thanks to this illness Stiriacrus she has. Had it not been for Cherry’s concealing magic, she would have to get extra stealthy from start to finish of this little journey.

-Whooosh Whoooooosh…

Contrary to the lesser number of monsters, the wind and the pouring rain got louder the more they got near the heart of the rainforest.

And so, taking the advantage of this audio disturbance, Cherry took her chance and called out to the monochromatic-haired adventurer with enough volume for her alone to hear while the loud thumping of the rain erased the unnecessary noises.



Waiting for a monster that looked like a mix of a shepherd dog and a naked mole rat passing by, the two stayed still, hidden on their spot so that the deaf mutant won’t be able to locate them from their movement.

Cherry, who called out to Serein just now, couldn’t help her curiosity as to how did this mysterious girl easily make her way through this heavily heaping ground as if she owned the place, or at least has been here for a long while now.

“Serein-shi, have you been here before? You seemed to be an expert on navigating throughout this dark woodland.”

Serein herself did not turn her head from that remark. Hazel’s eyes were still glued on their predators when that young adventurer gave her a vague answer.

“Well, you can say that I know the way.”

Which is technically the truth since the soul residing in this body she ‘wears’ right now is well informed of this ‘made-up’ place.

She purposely did not say anything else when that pink-haired princess did not ask further about the topic. Probably wondering why she wasn’t healed if she had been here before.

‘Did she fail to obtain the herb? Did she miss out?’

Cherry gets slightly anxious at the thought of failure. After all, she’s already sacrificed some lives for this mission to work out. The screams of the dying mercenaries still haunted her as it was only yesterday since that event.

Not to mention, her mother’s life is on the line…

“Chillax princess. There’s no need to fret, you have me around.”

Serein commented nonchalantly, noticing the way the pinknette grew silent while that magenta pair blinked at the sudden claim.

That is when the latter then heard the pale lips spoken once more in assurance.

“Your goal. You will achieve it for sure.”

Her words were said in a flat tone, yet Cherry can sense the confidence rolling off that smooth tongue of hers.

That pink-haired mage couldn’t help but scoff, finding that claim to buzz as cocky for a stranger who barely knew her.

“Heh. You sound so sure. Can you swear on it?”

All her life, she’s been surrounded by sycophants all her life that she reacted negatively toward such flattery almost naturally.

However, Serein doesn’t seem to even pay attention to the mockery in her tone as she was more focused on keeping them on the right track and away from the mutants’ sights. That hazel-eyed girl does listen to her words though, which is why she then easily replied.

“I don’t make promises.”

It wouldn’t make sense for someone who suffers from a broken oath like her to make empty assurances, right?

Although from the get-go, even without the said misfortune, she was not a person who’d yap around words she didn’t mean.

“I’ll make sure that will be the case.”

If this would indeed become her new reality, then Serein needs to make use of all of the knowledge she has to suppress the chaotic factor of this ‘story’.

She had enough fighting throughout her life, so really, if there’s a chance for her to have an ounce of true peace like Min Suhyun has always dreamed about, that would be absolute bliss.

‘And to have that, we could not have a civil war in the Amaranth Kingdom.’

That event would be the first to spark much bigger battles in the future after all.

Whereas, to prevent that, she needs to stop Queen Dowager from dying TWICE.

‘My goodness, this is too brain-damaging…’

Serein complained in her head whilst shaking her head discreetly.

She’s only been here yesterday, and yet, a lot of things are piling up on her to-do list. It seems like she still has a long way to go before she can establish her own perfect ending.

‘But first, before she could deal with either the Queen’s possible cause of death or her own illness, Serein needs to focus on this bubblegum princess.

Opening her mouth to speak, that monochromatic-haired adventurer then said again to the pinknette who seems to be rather startled by her previous bold claim.

“Adelweirn Flower. I’ll make sure you obtain that herb. That’ll be my only ticket to those sweet gold coins you promised me anyway”


Cherry sniffles a chuckle at the greed showing up.

“I guess by the end of the day you’re a mercenary, after all, Serein-shi.”

“It’s in my blood and I’m proud of it, so…”

As she felt a sense of dejá vù, hearing her reply, That young mage soon realized then that no matter what she says, Serein would always have an answer for it.

In the end, a snicker starts to bloom on her own face.

‘Cheeky bum.’

This monochromatic-haired mercenary really reminded her of her first brother.

A straightforward person with such a cold exterior. Someone who seemingly supports a permanent resting-bitch face despite clearly having a warm heart.

‘I wonder if they’d get along if they were ever to meet.’

Will they feel a sense of kinship with each other?

Or will they end up feeling threatened by the presence of another person of their kind?

Cherry couldn’t help but giggle.

Meanwhile, with Serein…

‘What’s up with this girl?’

A moment ago she was worrying over nonsense, got annoyed by her reply, got confused before getting startled next, and now, she’s giggling without context.

‘I didn’t make her a character with a loose screw, did I…?’

Serein was concerned.

After all, Min Suhyun made this munchkin story full of chuunis and OP characters.

Not to mention just how many sudden deaths enlisted within the plot. It’s ridiculous.

‘Why did I get so obsessed with death at that time, again?’

She left the draft to gain cobwebs on the corner of her unused folders also because the story gets depressing near the end where everyone that the MC knew ended up dying.

Including this disguised princess that’s currently tailing her.

What’s worse, she just couldn’t seem to be consistent with the roles of each character.

The Hero becomes the villain.

The villain is not all that evil.

The protagonist is too childish to lead.

The supporting character suddenly becomes the Female Lead.

Their hurdles mainly came in the form of broken people that ended up becoming the antagonists of the tale.

All the while there’s also this ongoing war that started off from the Kingdoms which used to claim to be the most peaceful land on the continent.

In short, the plot is a complete disaster…

‘Looking back, I guess it made sense.’

It was her first story ever, and she wrote it while brimming with emotions she had never really felt before in her early years.

Her obsession with death doesn’t seem to cease that much, but at least she poured her fascination into the form of Mystery Novels after a few more failed attempts of the comedic and fantasy genres.

Either way…

Normally Min Suhyun was to have these ‘dreams’ to fix the terrible plot she had planned previously. Hence why, naturally, the only reason she could think of right now as to why she’s trapped here was to fix this messed-up story.

‘But is that really all?’

Min Suhyun has always been someone with a strong gut instinct and has quite a good amount of luck. So, the fact that she’s here right now–

-Grrrrrr!! Grrrrrrr! Grrr…!!

That low growl of another mutant put her spiraling thoughts to a halt as both she and Cherry stopped in their tracks.

‘Stay low.’

Gesturing to the princess, that pinknette nodded and stilled obediently while Serein observed the source of that grumbling noises.


They arrived.

There, not so far from where they hid, Serein could see a monster resembling a Cerberus.

It’s hard to see through the heavy pouring of the rain, but as the sun is high in the sky, she can see better now than some moments ago.

‘Three heads, a serpent for a tail, and snakes protruding from multiple parts of his body.’

That was the description of Cerberus, The hound of Hades.

However, although they have a similar job, which is to guard the gate, rather than multi-headed dogs, this monster is more like that Chimera regarding its head.

A wolf, a lion, and an eagle…

The guardian of her next pit stop and the only monster with high intellectuality that’s even acknowledged by the ancient Hero and becomes a part of the legend itself.

Aidou was its name.

‘The Eagle head is blind now, The Wolf lost its hearing, while The Lion got its throat damaged to the point that it could not roar.’

Serein remembered some bits of information regarding this monster.

It used to be the king of the monsters here. The ruler of this flytrap rainforest during the day.

Until an anonymous wanderer came to Aidou on one fine day and subjugated it with an unknown force that even caused this permanent rain at Blasphemos Woodland.

It’s not done by magic.

The Sage that was part of the Hero Party could attest to that.

A power that can control earth, wind, water, and trees, which also created fire…

It was as if Nature itself was blessing that anonymous wanderer and graced them with its power.

Who is that mysterious figure?

And what’s their purpose?

No one was able to answer those questions and thus the story remained as another legend on its own.

All that Serein could tell from the story that’s shared by the surviving heroes was the fact that this dangerous Monster is guarding an Archaic Relic that she’d need.

Notebook of Certitude.

An underestimated relic that everyone would tell anybody who wishes to obtain it that it isn’t worth the risk.

[It’s a notebook with endless pages, its inability of being destroyed by fire or any other causes, and the total secrecy from other people but the writer.]

Such advantages of owning the said notebook for the price of all the suffering one must undergo just to reach that place, and then find a way to get past Aidou who tightly guarded it.

It really doesn’t sound worth the risk.

Or so, people thought.

‘But if you think of it in reverse…’

For that amount of trouble, would a Relic, one that’s infamous as one of Archaic Relics at that, really be that ‘useless’?

‘I don’t think so.’

As she is someone who believes that everything works in balance, Serein could not believe that one of the most difficult obtainable items would be so worthless.

It would make more sense that no one alive has ever used it to its full potential just yet.

‘Then it’s up to me to find out about it, right?’

In order to survive this fantasy world without having any Mili or mana while quite possibly being dragged to the eye of the storm sooner than later, Serein knows for a fact that she needs to prepare herself.

With the corner of her lips curling up into a snicker, her eyes are set on her first target…

Notebook of Certitude.

Not willing to come out of this notorious treacherous region, she’ll make sure to acquire it to make up for her loss.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! I’m back now with the recovered chapters and updates. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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