Disconnected – Chapter 5: Untold beginning (pt.5)

“Now, we just need to treat the wound normally, since it’ll take some time for it to heal now that it’s no longer in effe–”

Suddenly, her vision blurred for a bit.



Towards the call, Serein hummed in response.

“Are you okay?” Cherry worriedly asked.

“Hmm, yeah. Just a bit dizzy. But anyway, we can move him now”

Finally conscious of the pairs of eyes that were glaring in her direction, Serein then turned to the Wyrms who were clearly wary of her presence.

“What are you looking at?”

“What do you want, human?”

“…” While she didn’t answer them verbally, she couldn’t help but think to herself, ‘Cute.’

They looked like they don’t know how to act toward her now. Well, while they’re being docile, it’s better to ask for their help as well.

“There must be a bed here, right? Could you lead the way? Oh, and, if there are still some spare bandages and herbs it’ll be much better.”

The two turned towards each other before nodding as if reaching an agreement.

Serein was about to lift the ashy-haired person when she realized that Cherry already used her magic on him, “I’ll carry him there. Serein-shi, you need to be treated as well.”


The pinknette told her while offering her handkerchief to be pressed especially on the injury on her neck. In which, only then did Serein finally pay attention to the wounds on her neck and arm.

‘Right. I’m still bleeding.’

Nonchalantly, she reached out to her pouch and grabbed a healing potion that she bought before her trip to this Blasphemos Woodland. 

It’s nowhere as effective as the elixir of course, and in addition to her condition, Stiriacrus, her self-healing time usually takes longer than normal people. Hence why she prefers the silent one-kill tactic to fight anyone head-on.

The wound she got this time is not one that can be helped though. 

‘I think that’d leave a scar.’

Serein hummed before turning to Gil who stayed behind with her along with one of the Wyrms.

“Hey, Do you think I looked like I’ve been bitten by a vampire?”


She wasn’t expecting any sort of reaction in particular, however, Gil’s expression actually reminded her of something crucial, ‘I guess I shouldn’t be talking about a race of darkness carelessly like that, especially in front of someone like these two.’

She ended up canceling her question, realizing this.


Gil, who couldn’t understand why she suddenly brought up an extinct being before then taking her words back while calmly ripping a part of her sleeve to cover the wound on her arm, can only have multiple comical question marks on his head.

‘And now she’s crouching and having a staring contest with that uh… mutant reptile?’

He sweatdropped at how she just stared at the hissing creature.

“What are you looking at? I’m not going to apologize! I won’t thank a human either!”

The bluish-green Wyrm yelled out to Serein, who’s still pressing her wound with the pink cloth.

“Chill. I don’t need any of that.”

Serein did not seek any of the sorts since she was not expecting anything from a hatchling anyway. She simply wants to look a bit closer at this intriguing fantastical creature.

Shiny scales, round eyes, and two tiny nubs on the head.

‘I wonder, is this one Sam or Pam?’

Who would have thought that such adorable noggins like this tiny guy would wound up being such a disaster in nearly 2 years?

Then again, perhaps it was her bias towards reptiles speaking. Serein ended up observing the hatchling for a few more moments before then backing away when it looked like it was about to attack her again.

‘Welp, that’s enough curiosity for the day.’

She really couldn’t afford to get even more injuries. Which is why, since there’s nothing else they can do regarding the situation, Serein turned to the drenched lamb and just casually gestured to him to lend her his arm so she could prompt him up.

“Let’s go.”

“Eh? Where to go? We can’t leave Cherry here. I certainly can’t”


Serein nearly sighed.

“When did I ever say that we’re going to leave her?”

Gil blinked in confusion whereas the reply he received was a matching silence. 

All the while, Serein helped him move back to the original spot she said they’ll stay at before this whole fiasco even begins.

“Eh? Why are we back here?”

Near the damp entrance. 

That one-legged knight had thought that she was about to drag him outside for some reason when she put him down when they’re back to their original place instead.

“Why? Isn’t it obvious?”

Gil stared at her confusedly while discreetly peeking towards the young Wyrm which still followed the two around.

Serein, who was easily seated next to him, then replied.

“We don’t get permission to stay in the cave. But since there’s really no other place safe to be other than this place, hopefully, we’re at least allowed to rest for a bit as long as we’re well-behaved.”

She was glancing at the bluish-green Wyrm when she said that in a questioning tone.

“Hmp! Well. I guess it’s okay if you stay over there! But if you go any near! I’ll show no mercy! Be afraid!”


Serein found that threat to be adorable instead. Well, not that she shows any indication of her true feelings.

“You heard our generous host.”

She nudged his arm to play along. And thus, Gil followed her gesture and bowed his head a bit as she did.

“Ah, thank you so much for having us here.”

The Wyrm looked away as if it didn’t care. However, Serein could tell from the way its tail moved, that it was delighted.

‘Just like a dog?’

She found this pretty amusing that she ended up smiling softly.

“Well then, I’m beat, so imma hit the sack first. Night.”

“Umm, sure. I’ll wait for Cherry and keep watch till morni—”

Gil replied to her, yet Serein’s breathing already evened out, indicating that she’s dozing off before he even gets to finish his words.

‘She was out like a light.’

He sweatdropped again before he ended up chuckling lightly afterward.

‘Must have been exhausted.’

Honestly, with everything that’s happening to them today, he’s not all that surprised to find Serein knocked out cold that quickly.

With a smile, he then whispered as if she could still hear him.




Sleeping peacefully. That, she was. 

And her tired body had been happily enjoying the resting time it’s been blessed with. The exhausted body appreciates every single second of it.

At this time of the day, however, that young woman would have normally woken up and not overslept like what she’s currently doing.

4 am. 

That dark-haired girl would usually be up and about before the sun had even risen. 

Normally, waking up was a simple task for her as she was a morning person after all. 

However, this time is a bit different.

Not only did she awaken approximately 2 hours later, but Min Suhyun, who was also expecting to wake up back to her actual body in the comfort of her messy bed realized that she was not anywhere near a bed.

Her back was sprawled on hard ground, which is not even a floor.

She’s laying down at the damped entrance of a cave.

At that moment, she also noticed a few other details, such as…

How her hair is not ombre from that failed attempt of coloring it, the scar on her jaw from that stupid soup can did not exist, and most importantly, she is not missing a pinky while Min Suhyun does.

‘Why am I not back?’

Instead, she’s still stuck inside the body of Serein Rowe.

And this got her wondering a few reasons as to why it happened in the first place.

Could she possibly have fallen comatose? Did she die from too much caffeine? Or is there any other reason for her to sleep deeper, hence the longer dream?

Or, perhaps, by some unknown forces, her soul has pulled away from her born body and ended up in Serein instead. Therefore, validating all of the senses she’s been experiencing yesterday. And thus, she has become a transmigator like in those fantasy stories she’s been reading.

‘Oh no.’

That young adventurer only just woke up and yet she already felt like facepalming.

‘…is this for real?’

She moved her facial muscles and hands to test a bit of her motoric control. However, Just like yesterday, Nothing feels off.

Curious, Serein also clawed onto her legs and felt the pain caused by her nails.

Realizing that even the smallest action actually hurts her, Min Suhyun began to doubt that she was dreaming because usually, this level of ‘pain’ won’t be able to be sensed as it was only considered minor pain.

Yet she felt it.

Therefore, she thought to herself, ‘Please, don’t tell me that this is actually permanent. Can’t I really wake up?’

Look, she has nothing against clichés, honestly.  To her, life is but a bunch of clichés that everyone’s forced to live in. 

And it’s not like she has someone waiting for her returns— other than perhaps the editor and her small number of fans— but personally? Nothing major would happen if she just disappeared out of the blue.

People would still be dying and Earth would still be a disastrous place regardless of her absence.

Her pet chameleon might die because she didn’t feed and water it— which is unfortunate if that’s how it’s going to be— but other than that, no one would mourn for her.

She’s simply that insignificant and easily forgotten. Just the way she likes it.

But anyhow, regardless of those details, neither of them makes this situation any easier to grasp. She’s not fully convinced yet that she left her so-so life with this dangerous adventure-filled world. Therefore, she did one last retort she could ever think of…

– Slap!

Serein slapped herself across the cheek and it actually stung.

‘Damn.’ That doesn’t seem to work either.

She did not wake up as Min Suhyun…

Serein blankly stared at her pale palm that went reddish momentarily there until she felt two figures stir.

“What are you doing?”

“Serein-shi? What’s wrong?”

Gil and Cherry, who had woken up from the loud noise, were puzzled. One’s obviously alerted while the other donned a sleepy tone while asking her.

“Ah, sorry, just a bug.”

Serein waved her hand in dismissal although the two didn’t look nearly convinced with her excuse. Considering how hard that slap was for someone who was merely swatting a bug, they have a point to stare at her like that.

Unfortunately, that monochromatic-haired woman doesn’t pay them that much attention as her mind swirled with enough questions of her own.

‘Did I get hit by a truck? Did I drown in a lake or river?’


To both of those questions, the answer is no.

That confused soul was sure that she did nothing else other than get sleepy while cleaning her laptop of unimportant files.

Then how did she somehow get trapped in her own story then?

How did she end up getting isekai-ed into an unfinished draft, of all things?

She did not find this unusual at first, because Min Suhyun, despite her occupation before being a writer, has been through this several times in the past.

To live as someone else, in another world.

However, by the end of the day, it was all just a dream. Some great prompts and some questionable scenes that’d be such a great writing inspiration— but, regardless, a dream.

Min Suhyun always woke up the moment her ‘character’ went to sleep or was simply unconscious, for whatever reason.

‘This is the first time I actually went to sleep and woke up in a character’s body still.’

At least she’s not the MC.

Heavens knows how shit would hit the fan if she was stuck in an MC’s body instead.

Min Suhyun has never been that kind of author towards her Main Characters, after all. And remember all of the sufferings that Arlia, the protagonist of this draft must endure.

Suddenly, she got chills.

‘Right. Hmm… before reaching any sort of conclusion, perhaps it would be wise to wait for another day or two to make sure that this is, in fact, my new reality.’

After all, there’s still a chance that this is just sort of an ongoing dream that she’s stuck in because she’s been wearing herself down due to the deadline.

‘Either way, I need to start planning out things.’

With the little details she could remember about this world, Serein needs to change her mindset to survival mode. Anticipating that ‘Serein’ would be the name she’d be living as for the rest of her life, then certainly she did not wish to only live a couple of weeks short just to be fish food.

‘I need to heal this Stiriacrus illness as well.’

And so, with these two new goals set up right before her eyes, that pair of hazel orbs sparkled with new vigor.

Anything to survive.

It looks like once again, Min Suhyun’s old motto seemed to resurface.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! I’m back now with the recovered chapters and updates. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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