Disconnected – Chapter 42: Under The Sea (pt.2)

“You’re quite a creature.” The Empress finally says with a gentle smile on her face. An expression that would have brought comfort to anyone, although Sam doubted that their little human who’s currently being held upside-down with tentacles literally touching all over her body would agree with that.

‘She looks uncomfortable…!’

More than just that, Serein’s face is all red from the blood rushing over to her head and she looks like breathing alone becomes much harder than when she’s simply underwater and relying on his and his younger brother’s magic to get oxygen to her lungs.

Sam was wondering if their little human was too shameful to comment or whether she felt great fear while being rudely questioned this way.

‘I-I had thought that it would be like a weapon search or something—’

That bluish-green wyrm is starting to squirm in discomfort just from looking at how the human that has been with them for a while now looks absurdly obedient and didn’t let out even a single squeak, putting aside how her body twitches once in a while in response to all the pokings the Empress did.

‘Should I help?? What should I do? What can I even do??’

He himself felt great fear instilled in him, especially knowing that he has something to do with the damaged eggs.

This little human did nothing that would have upset the Empress. He was the one who did it. But while he is posing as ‘the shield’ for his younger brother, sometimes he shamefully admits to himself how he’s the most cowardly among the three brothers.

‘I-If I were big brother…’

If he was Cevahir, he would have stormed forward and interfered, like how he did to Aidou previously–

However, much to his surprise…

{No need to act rashly like how your brother was}

Aiston suddenly talked to his mind as if knowing what he’s been thinking, {Everything would be just fine}

The ancient spirit kept repeating this whenever Sam made a movement as if he was going to react anytime soon.

‘…should I really just watch?’

Although there’s so little he can do with the strength difference between himself and the Empress, the longer he watches the longer he worries that their little human would make a fatal mistake.

He couldn’t have that…

‘L-Little human is needed for big brother’s survival!’

At last, Sam couldn’t stay still as Aiston asked him and launched himself forward in the Empress’s direction, enough to gain her highness’s attention… as well as the royal guards who are now pointing their weapons, ready to strike at any given command from their lord.

Ignoring all of that, that young hatchling still calls out to the Sea Empress.

“Your Majesty!!!”

It doesn’t shift the pressure by a lot since the ruler’s anger is still heavily pointed at Serein. But at least those piercing eyes are not darting at her any longer and instead, it moves to stare at the one responsible for that interruption.

“Your Majesty, I really really don’t know what you’re looking for from our little human, BUT! I can reassure you that she is not the one who is responsible for the eggy!”

Sam was easily aware that they were completely at a disadvantage at this moment, therefore he tried to at least distract the Empress for a bit and maybe buy them some time for a miracle to occur—

“Young one.”

Sam flinched at the deep voice of the Empress who was obviously trying to restrain her fury.

“–Do explain what you mean, I’ll give you one chance only.”

Gulping audibly while glancing at Serein who is still unable to move, all thanks to the huge tentacle that now wrapped around her like a python ready to snap her in half, that young hatchling braved himself to admit his crime.

He couldn’t hear what the Empress was whispering to his little human, making him only able to guess the reason, and with the bit of information he had, he thought it was mainly because of the egg’s situation.

“T-The eggy… well… uh…”

Stammering in fright, that bluish-green wyrm was gravely nervous even with his brother by his side trying to calm him down.

“Kid. If you are unable to explain then just stay silent lest the last thread of my patience snap and I break the pledge between the three domains.”

Wincing harshly, the two hatchlings quivers as they felt how serious the Empress is, they realized that even though they are pretty much ‘protected’ by the law, they’re not completely invincible from any harm. Although, at the same time, that gives the older wyrm the drive to finally come clean.

“I-I was the one who caused the crack… It was an accident though!” Sam then immediately added, “Little human, big brother, and the others are busy fending off your soldiers, I have no one to help steal back the eggy from the human stealers and i-it was so heavy?”

It’s almost as if opening the dam and letting the rushing water gush out, after admitting that, Sam started to talk further.

“The eggy was kept in a box. a very very closed tight wooden box. So many nails around so it’s hard to get a hold of it. So I open the box, wrap the big eggy with a cloth that I found, then try to sneak away from fighting humans and your army. Well, uh… I can’t be much much careful because I need to be fast or else I’d get caught.”

He, in fact, gets caught at the end, although, much to his luck, he was not slaughtered there and then because he was part of the sky domain since he is a wyrm. That was literally the only reason why the merfolk that seized him ended up listening to his words and somewhat peacefully carried him all the way to his own group.

“Then again…” Sam then trailed, eyes flickering a bit as thoughts ran in his mind before he soon turned the accusation back to the Empress’s dispatched army, “The finny people, they just blindly fight all of us! There are even human kids on board that was not spared. Your Highness, if I did not confess how would you know if the egg was harmed not by any of your own barbaric soldiers?”

‘T-This is scary…’ despite the words that he keeps spitting about, Sam felt more dread upon him. Yet at the same time, the adrenaline pushed him to go further as his tongue just seemed to become looser and looser, even turning the blame on the merfolks.

A glance at their little human, those pair of blue eyes can see Serein’s hazel eyes widened slightly, staring back at him with her neck still wrapped by the Empress‘s tentacle. At the same time, the audiences they currently have were glaring daggers at him for being impudent in front of their supreme leader.

Trying to ignore that as well, Sam forced himself to focus on how The Empress seemed to be oddly cooperative with his story. The only positive point he can pay attention to in midst of this whole mess.

He knows that if it wasn’t for the Empress’s mercy and direct order, he might have been eaten alive by these angry royalties who’s been staring at him like a slice of tender meat.

Well, either way, there’s no turning back now for them. So he can only proceed.

“I suppose you are correct, little one,” Luckily, The Empress seems to see the truth behind his words as she then followed them with her own, “I can see that event occurring, however—”

“However?” The wyrm echoes, his face distorted once more as his relief was put on hold.

“That’s not the reason why this ‘little human’ of yours is being questioned.”


“Wait, it’s not?” That bluish-green wyrm asks in confusion as he keeps staring back and forth at the Empress and Serein who’s still being dangled upside-down.

“No. It is not” The Empress revealed, staring straight at him. “My child was not harmed and those scratches don’t affect them too much. My heir, The next sea ruler, is stronger than even yours when you were a tad younger or even the eggs of your kind’s royal egg.”

—Stronger than the dragon lord’s eggs.

Despite the bad situation, Serein took notes of that information as she observed the Empress more. The Empress truly doesn’t look indifferent as Sam confessed to his mistake.

“But then…” Sam trailed, not grasping what’s going on anymore, and decided to ask about it straightforwardly instead, “Why are you so mad at our human, then?”

He doesn’t get it. If the crack was not the reason why she is so livid, then what else could have caused her, the leader of the sea, whom his older brother ha

“Little one. An egg cannot move on its own. And my child especially would be hard to be removed from the nest, therefore I am curious as to how it was even able to be taken away when I’ve established one of the best surveillance there is for my baby’s protection.”

Sam blinked confusedly, “Well, we are not one to steal your little baby, so how would we know?”

“How do you know that your friend over here or any of your friends above the surface did not do it?”

Finally grasping what’s happening, Sam’s eyes rounded before then exclaiming to interject that statement.

“Your Majesty, we did not steal! We are absolutely not the one to take the eggy!”

He proclaimed, but the suspicion is still thick clouding the Empress’s eyes. And only by seeing this, Sam knows for a fact that his babbling would come up as empty words if he could not provides any—


While the young wyrm is still young, he’s actually quick-witted and rather sharp. Which is why it doesn’t take long for him to figure out why the eggy’s mother was so mad if it wasn’t due to the damage he barely caused. Although, despite being smart, Sam was also rather careless under pressure, hence why he has no problem shouting.

“I have proof of that!”

–When he doesn’t exactly have anything to be prepared.

The worst part? The Empress seems to actually buy his exclaim.

“Oh, do you, now?”

In fact, hitting the nail, The Empress finally seemed to be intrigued by the topic, unlike how she was a minute prior.

“Uh… yes?”

Knowing that he screwed up, the nervousness of the young wyrm was clear in his sentence. After all, he didn’t exactly have a plan let alone solid evidence. And thus Sam stumbled on his words as he spin his thoughts and try to give his best shot.

He knew their group couldn’t possibly steal the eggy, he trusts them, and even without that, he was with them the whole time lately. When will any of them have a chance to steal the little eggy?

“The human has been with me and my brothers for a couple of days now.”

That hatchling knows that he has nothing he could show the royalty regarding the past few days he has mentioned, however, there is something he could use as an affirmation to his statement which he just learned with Pam earlier during their encounter with these sea creatures.

“Aidou” That three-headed oldie that has been beating his older brother previously, “My brother says that every ruler has their own scents. S-So! If you can smell that weird cave my brother and little human went to or the scent of that oldie Aidou, although it has faded.”

The main Territory of each Ruler should have given off a distinctive smell of the owner to mark that place as the place of royalty. That was why Pam was able to find his way to this place, and that fact was also noticed by Sam as they made their way to this place.

In addition, the Empress seems to be able to smell even the oddities such as ‘smell of death’, Sam who doesn’t understand the difference between them simply draws a conclusion that the Empress must have a really good nose if she can smell something not even his big brother ever mentioned about.

“Aidou’s place is far from here! S-So… if your eggy was stolen not so long ago, we can’t be the takers, right?” Sam argued, albeit nervously since he is pretty much gambling on his answer.

Fortunately, the Empress isn’t an unreasonable tyrant, upon listening to the young one’s alibi, she sniffed Serein again, smelling the faintest scent of the ruler of the land, Aidou.

The Empress who has the largest domain among the three is quite the wise ruler, she immediately connected the dots before giving her response.

“You are correct. The timing did not match, my child was kidnapped two days ago, and this human, although smelling similar, is different. So, little one, you seem to behold some truth before me.”

Sam’s face lit up, but before any words could slip past his lips, the Empress continued.

“—However, I am not yet satisfied.” The Empress stated, her furrows although no longer forming a scowl, still scrunched up lightly forming a frown.

The sight actually frightened Sam, enough that he couldn’t reacted in time to respond for that curveball.

‘A-Are we doomed now??’

Fortunately for him, he was not alone.

Seeing that his brother is in distress, that younger wyrm soon can be found next to his brother’s side in support.

“But, your Majesty,” That younger hatchling called out, “we know nothing else about the baddies, then what else should we tell you?”

Pam who has been a spectator for a while, finally stepped into the conversation with benign curiosity in his tone.

“I have my own suspicion on this little human of yours” her voice pointy with accusation, however, her composure remained calm as she speaks to the two.

“Regardless of what you say, there’s only one person who can change my mind before I deliver the judgment myself.” The Empress says as she’s now back with making eye contact with Serein, “Then again, she seemed like she’s been dying to be allowed to speak”

Well, such an implication is an understatement. Afterall, although being underwater makes weight less of a nuisance, gravity still works just as well as above the surface. And it has been quite a while since Serein was stuck in this upside-down position.

She was feeling terrible, to say the least.

“I don’t think little human can speak right if you keep her all flipping like that, ma’a— Your Majesty.”

Well, thanks to Pam pointing out her struggle that Serein is finally half-freed out of her misery.

And now, all that’s left is to find out whether she could get herself out of this looming death.

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