Disconnected – Chapter 40: Pan-Pan or Mayday? (pt.5)

After the blaring noise, the sea calmed down a lot. 

The ship slowly becomes steady once more as the only voices left are raging breaths, the sea breeze, and the small waves that are left from the motion.

It’s quite eerie just how calm the situation is now after remembering how fierce the battle was. It’s almost as if nothing ever happened had it not from the thick scent of death and gore bathing the whole ship and its surrounding.

The whole scene isn’t beautiful, but at least the bloodshed stopped for the time being. 

Well, that, and the fact that this old Selkie is still looking down on her despite how the fight has technically been over.

“So?” That man asked, “Are you going to just stand there like an idiot, or are you going to give me a reason to not slaughter you here and now?”

Gritting her teeth, Serein really wishes that she has some strength left in her hands. She can feel her hands itching to just smack him once—

However, much to her misfortune, she is now so weak. And despite how Cevahir was already injured and tired when he fought him, this old man still managed to drive a half-dragon into such a pathetic state. 

Before she could think of a way to beat this geezer and run, another voice sounded in the midst of the calm surroundings. 

– tap tap tap—

There are footsteps coming from the depth of the ship. It doesn’t really sound like the noise a shoe will issue once stepping on the ship, but more like a huge fin flapping on the wooden floor. 

Turning to the source of the sound, surely enough, they then see another one of the merfolk, his fin-like feet were the ones making the sound. Wary, the group tensed a bit because this merfolk is just as big in size as their leader. In addition, unlike the other merfolks, this one guy was still on the ship, the same way that the leader did.

‘Why is there another one here?’

Naturally they’d put their guards up, however, it seems that it wasn’t so necessary to tire themselves thinking about it. 

Their answer soon comes to light as they could see one of their friends on the merfolk’s hold, along with a bundle which they can now easily predict as what it was.

“Ah, Sam-min…”

A soft sigh-like whisper escaped past Arlia’s lips, the sigh was of course one of relief. And ironically enough, Sam wasn’t even smiling a forced smile. 

As he looked around, his face kept getting worse, especially when looking at his big brother’s, Cevahir, limp body. He looked to be so angry, his face held great displeasure, annoyance, and–

‘He’s seething with anger…’

Serein first noticed how the usually sassy, even to the point of being called sarcastic sometimes, the hatchling is so quiet and has his expression stiff as he gets off the merfolk’s arms and just silently joined their circle again without any unnecessary movement nor verbal response whatsoever, 

He seemed to be wary, but still rational enough to not do something hasty that may make their situation worse. 

Meanwhile, the two merfolk exchanged looks before the one who had carried Sam then handed the bundle to their leader who then checked the egg. 

They seemed to exchange some words as well, however, their words aren’t decipherable, and Serein along with the others couldn’t understand what’s said. Although, if anyone had paid attention to Sam, they’d see how his expression shifted slightly to one of nervousness masked with stoicism.

{The… shhh… is in… shhh… trouble}

Aiston tried to warn Serein as well, although she could pretty much see that being true from how the Selkie smirked faintly after chatting with his subordinate.

That didn’t seem a good sign at all. 

‘This old fucker’

Serein couldn’t tell who exactly is in trouble per Aiston’s warning, however, she felt that it’s rather obvious by now that their whole group would get dragged into it as well, whether they like it or not.

That being said, despite the iffiness, none of them do or say anything as they simply watched the old Selkie jump off the ship along with the bundle, which is safe to assume that it holds the egg, and his subordinate.

It took them a while to realize that at least for now, they have survived the storm and… relatively safe. Or at least not haunted by the shadow of death like before.

‘Is it okay now?’

Quite frankly, it’s not over yet. Or, well, Serein felt like there’s more to it. And her instinct is rarely wrong when it comes to this kind of thing. 

But as of now, given that there’s no lethal threat around, not even from the remaining pirates who probably were supposed to be mad as a result of her and the others stealing their most prized possession on board.

Then again, she doesn’t think that they can do that when they’re more beaten than herself and the others—

– Thump!

Well, okay, she might take that opinion back.

All heads whipping to the noise sources, that one-legged knight was the first who reacted as he immediately rushed to catch that person before they fell and hurt themselves more—

“Your highness!”

– plop plop

Dark red blood keeps trickling down from her nose, hands trembling as she tries to hold onto her childhood friend’s shoulders–

It’s the first. 

This was the first time she experienced something like this, it was totally different than anything she experienced before, even when Gil was about to die. 

Gil, who was supporting her in his arms and tries to adjust her head to stop the nosebleed–

But she wasn’t really focused on that. 

The helplessness she felt as the earlier battle occurred, only she knows why she was the most silent one among them all, along with how painful it was for her. 

She was a princess, but also a mage. Naturally, she already experienced mana exhaustion before, but this? Reminiscing back to the moment when Gil was supposed to meet his demise— this battle was a whole ‘nother level entirely. 

‘This is different than a hunt’

A life and death battle with people she barely knows aside from Gil, to put the stake of her whole life at the hands of strangers— ‘I’m powerless’

It was a good thing that these people are trustworthy enough not to backstab her. She is lucky.

Had it been someone greedy for power, maybe she would be left behind to die because she can’t fend for herself.

Powerless, Cherry felt like she couldn’t do much. Barely above being a piece of useless baggage, if there had been a split second of her losing her focus, she might even start to wonder again if doing support such as this actually left an impact somehow. 

Thinking about how things would have been if these are her own people and not some random strangers actually only made her feel worse.

After all, while it’s true that she helped with enhancing their strength, she was proven to be not strong enough to stop them from being this hurt. If they weren’t strong, she would’ve already lost some more of these people who are now by her side–

Cherry hates that. She wants it to change. She doesn’t want to be protected but rather to protect, what great archmage can she be if she wasn’t even able to save her companions? 

Sighing to herself internally, she pats Gil’s shoulder while trying to wipe her nosebleed. 

“It’s nothing, just mana exhaustion.”

But as her childhood friend and as her knight, as the one who stays by her side the most, Gil was easily able to understand her chaotic gaze. However, at the same time, she also realized that this wasn’t the best situation to try and comfort her. So, as of now, he only tries his best to help stabilize her condition and to pat her back, only the two friends knew about the decision she made at this moment. 

‘Once this all end, I should train some more,’ 

Afterall, while she’s not intending to inherit the crown like how pretty much everyone pressured her to do, Cherry truly loves and cherishes her land. Her home. And she’ll do everything in her power to protect it.

And to protect, desires alone wouldn’t be enough.


Where, given that she’s planning to somehow give up her birthright over the political power, she wanted to strengthen the power she can own over her own body and control over her magic.

—Well, while that pink-haired princess silently refined her plan even further, Gil tried to help on healing his Liege, all the while Arlia is trying to somehow aid Cevahir with all of the healing potions that Serein gave him and the said Adventurer went to confront Sam who has been quiet as he stared at the battered sight of his big brother.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ Serein wanted to ask the poor hatchling. 

After all, this is his first experience exploring the world, and yet with the last few days they’re together, he keeps witnessing how his guardian keeps on getting hurt firsthand.

As much as that reason may have been valid, that didn’t seem to be the real reason why this little one was so quiet. 

“Little Human,” To her surprise, that young hatchling called out for her first.


“We need to get out of here.”

Blinking in surprise, Serein was not expecting this although it was kind of expected if it was said by others.

‘He wanted to escape?’

Usually, as dragons, they would choose to fight till the end. A true life-and-death battle will start whenever a dragonic member is included. Running away? How impossible. 

And Cevahir was already an example of that, despite how his actions were more of a human way of thinking rather than the usual selfishness of the dragons. 

So it really comes as a surprise that a pureblood like Sam would propose the idea of fleeing if that option was available. She genuinely thought that he’d say something along the line of how he couldn’t forgive these people for hurting his kin.

Alas, there’s no exact way to do as he asked, given that they’re on a floating wreckage in the vast sea. Trapped, unable to even move from here. They were even worse than a mouse in a huge maze, after all, the mouse can at least move around while they can’t. And teleporting wouldn’t be a great idea either if it was even a possible option.

And Serein, not wanting to give false hope, can only tell the truth and be honest with it.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we can do that safely in an instant, Sam-min”

Sam scowled but did not retort. After all, he’s not stupid. It was simply a wish despite knowing that it was not doable.

“Well, we must hide big brother then.” There’s a shrill nervousness in his tone that makes her ponder.


“I just… Mm… You know, I think that things will turn for the worst pretty soon??”

From this answer, Serein realizes that the younger know about something they don’t. Something crucial. 

“Please tell me why, Sam-min?” She tried to not show any sign of her starting to be nervous, she asked hoping to find an answer. 

In her heart, she really wished the little hatchling was somehow overreacting. 

“Well…” That bluish-green wyrm trailed, “I may or may have not done something to that stupid little eggy—”

Trying to hold back any snappy response to escape her lips, Serein instead asked further, dread starting to raise in her chest, “To the egg?”

“…” Sam did not confess to anything at first. He actually tossed his glance away guiltily before finally giving in and telling Serein about it.

“That stupid thing is stupidly big, okay. And. It was heavy, too heavy..” With a huff, Sam finally admitted the complete truth, “So, to get it here, I didn’t have any choice– my only choice is to drag that eggy— I wrap it in a cloth tho! but umm… I also kind of…  dropped it… once?”

“Wait, Sam-min, you, what…?” eyes rounded, her reaction was even more comical when a seemingly earthquake decided to erupt from the sea. 

Snapping her head back to the vast sea, Serein cursed in her head when she saw something approaching the ship once more. 

‘Well, shit.’ Gripping her blades firmly, that adventurer watched intently while taking a defensive fighting stance, knowing that this time round, they’re more likely to be unable to rely on someone to enhance their powers as Cherry was out— not to mention how the strongest in their group was out cold at the current moment. 

‘Goddamnit, if another battle broke out now–’

It would be grave for their fallen comrades. 

Now Serein is starting to doubt her decision on challenging fate like this. She should have known better about her tendency of getting the short end of the stick in every situation. 

She tries to stop her death, but she seems to be dragging innocent people to join her in her demise. 

– Splash!

Gritting her teeth once more, she couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as the person who came out of the water was none other than the other little Wyrm. 

Granted she will misunderstand, after all, this little guy was on top of a merman’s head, as if using him as some sort of transportation. But thankfully the merman really seemed to only be here to guide Pam and nothing else as he said nothing and didn’t look like he’s going to attack anytime soon. 

“Pam-min?? What is happening–?” After asking her question, she found the little Wyrm already in her arms, answering her hastily. 

“The Queen seems kind? she stops the attack when I ask. But then, I was told to meet this pretty lady who later gets all mad saying how she wanna an explanation! She seemed to complain about the eggy being all scratched!”

‘Yeah… Expected much but still—’ Messing her hair with annoyance, that adventurer could only sigh again. ‘Haaaa, this is so brain-damaging…’

“I’ll go there myself, “ Realizing that there are not many other choices to be chosen other than following the flow of events, Serein hummed as she then answered the young hatchling, “—just tell me how. Will there be one of them who’d take me under the sea?” She asked while gesturing at the merfolk bellow Pam.

“Uh. No?”

“No? then how?”

Tilting his head as if not expecting the question, Pam then answered. “How else? you swim!” 



“…” She tried to hold back her exasperation, yet it was futile when the greenish-blue wyrm soon added just a moment before they jumped.

“Oh, and, Little human, it seems like the pretty lady was the Empress we chit chat earlier, so uh… good luck?”

Hearing this Serein deadpanned for a second before then letting out an exhausted sigh, “huuuuu….”

How nice. It seems like she’d get to wash the nasty gore on her before anyone else at least. Then again, what’s better than having a long nice bath after a fierce battle, right?

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