Disconnected – Chapter 4: Untold beginning (pt.4)

As someone who had always paid close attention to her surroundings, that pair of hazels couldn’t help themselves to look closer instead.

Ashy hair could even possibly be silver-colored under the right lighting. Gold pair of eyes that are disguised as yellow when it’s not in their normal state. There is cold sweat glistening on his pale face and nape. Overall features that told her that he’s not that old of a dragon. Maybe even close to her in the human age. And then there’s that dark blue blood under his no—

‘Wait, blood?’

“Cava-chi! Blood!”

One of the Wyrms freaked out while the other one only stood frozen as the man nonchalantly erased the trail of dark blue.

“Shut it, Pam, you’re being too loud.”

The man grumbled just a moment before his body swayed to the side when his knees buckled. 

Eyes rounded a little, Serein jumped instinctively to catch him before he fell to the ground.

‘My goodness…’

She ended up catching a fallen damsel.

‘What’s with this cliché setting?’

They just met this person. She did not even know his name! And yet here she is, cradling this stranger, preventing him from landing harshly on the gold ground.

What she’s doing is pretty much what normally happens in romance stories— but in reverse.

‘Well, at any rate…’

Serein put the silly thoughts away as she reached out to his forehead after realizing that his body felt hot just from the touch. The man grunted as he shot a weak glare toward Serein.

“What are you doing…?”

However, he received no decent reply from the human, in which she ended up getting bit by the two Wyrms on her arm and neck.

– Chomp! Chomp!

Serein hisses a little but does not remove her hand as she realizes that her temperature should be cold enough to help the man with his sizzling fever while she figured out what in the world is happening to him.


With that squeak escaping her lips, Cherry, who has been quiet until now, finally reacted. Serein could also hear shuffling next to the disguised princess. Unmistakably, Gil is making his move as well.

However, before they could come any closer, Serein stopped them with a calm voice.

“It’s alright. Let them be.”

Serein knows that these two Wyrms are not venomous. 

Well, Not yet at least. 

Or else she would have passed out the moment her flesh got punctured.

‘Teething stage? They are still too young then’

Sensing little to no danger other than the possibility of getting dizzy from losing some blood Serein simply asked the patient instead.

“Sorry, is it too uncomfortable? Would you rather have me carrying you to your bed?”

Their position is indeed a bit awkward, as in, it’s not good for the joints to be in this situation for long. Her small frame seemed to be embracing his body so that she could share her coldness to calm down even a bit of his rising heat.

Serein never has a problem with personal boundaries, which is why she’s not aware of why he seems to be uncomfortable other than what she asked him about.

Meanwhile with the person that’s still being supported by her…

His fuzzy mind is a bit chaotic as he tries to stare back at her.

What does this girl want?

Why is she doing this?

And just how did she remain calm when she’s bleeding profusely like that?

“Sam, Pam, stop it… Let the human go.”

In a very weak tone, he ordered the two who stubbornly stayed and deepened their fangs instead. Serein holds back another hiss as she flinched before chuckling softly afterward.

“It’s ok, sir. I don’t mind. So, really, don’t mind that as well, and just focus on yourself.”

‘How does anyone able to not mind such injury??’

The two humans and the presumably dragon were baffled by that claim. Although, the latter schooled his expression better than the others.

“Please stay still if you’re not uncomfortable. From the symptoms, I don’t think that this fever was caused by mere illness?”

Serein said instead, quite assured that this person was more likely to be injured than naturally sick from a weird virus or something.

‘Ice would be too cold. But just cool water compress wouldn’t be enough’

She has a small smile on her face at the thought of her defect being useful in this weird scenario. Even so, her sharp gaze has not yet relaxed whatsoever. In the middle of observing what might be the cause, Serein saw how that furrowed brow slowly got untangled before then she heard a sigh escaping the pale lips.

“You’re one weird human.”

“That is correct, sir. I am indeed not normal. I’m quirky like that.”

She jested back so that the atmosphere among them wouldn’t be as cold as an iceberg. Her flat tone actually amused him more than not. However, he said nothing to answer her words.

Not that it’s a problem since Serein herself is not seeking a reply.

Rather than that, hazel eyes are scanning his body even closer now as she suspected from the murky blood that this dragon has, that he’s in fact poisoned. Couldn’t find any wound on his face or exposed arms, with her other hand that’s not bitten by the greenish-blue Wyrm, Serein tried to lift his robe carefully.

– Chomp!

The two reptilians dug their fangs further as she did so. 

Trying her best to ignore the pain, Serein bit her inner cheek to remain composed as she finally found what she’s been looking for.

The cause of this searing fever.

The man’s abdomen is bandaged with herbs though, from the looks of it, the treatment didn’t work as much as it was intended.

‘Was this caused by a human?’

Throughout her memory, she could think of a suspect and can roughly think of a scenario where these three were betrayed by a ‘human’.

‘It would validate the two’s reaction if that was indeed the case’

But to think that there’d be a poison that’s strong enough to harm a dragon…

‘Even if this guy ends up being a half-blood, he still has dragon blood in his veins regardless’

Serein hummed for a bit as she carefully let go of the cloth, letting the bandaged abdomen be exposed to the air.


Cherry got closer with a wince at the sight of the man’s nasty wound as well as Serein’s blood which was starting to drench her shoulder and arm.


The pink-haired mage was about to call for the monochromatic-haired woman when Serein herself called back for her nearly at the same time.

“Miss Cherry”

Her gaze is sharp, but it was not aimed at the mage. Rather, Serein seemed to be glaring at something else. She’s staring intensely at the wound with her mind spiraling to think about what kind of poison would have caused someone with dragonic blood to degrade into this state.

“Remember the one wish that I asked you beforehand?”

“Uh, yeah?”

Curiosity and wariness swirled inside that pair of magenta. Cherry doesn’t have much on her. So what could this mercenary ask of her?


Serein paused for a bit while her mind calculated how much she would need for this dragon to at least survive the critical point.

“Please let me use a bit of it.”

Surprised, but couldn’t really talk about that, Cherry immediately averted her gaze as she feigned ignorance.

“What do you mean? We don’t have anything else on us other than 3 gold coins in my pocket.”

From this close distance, she could see that the ashy-haired person looked terrible with his pale face and labored breathing. Even so, as a princess, she couldn’t just hand the family heirloom to a stranger. Which is why, regretfully, she said the mandatory.

Upon her words, Serein turned to her with an expressionless face.

‘Such a terrible lie…!’

Cherry’s tone clearly says that she’d been lying to her. It was too obvious that Serein couldn’t help but turn her head even though her wound caused by the Wyrm Sam tore even further.

“Your Highness, I’m talking about the potion that your Royal brother secretly handed you for this trip”

Not expecting anyone to find out about that, magenta orbs rounded in shock.

“…H-How did you?”

“That’s not important. Please hand over that elixir before this person loses his life.”

Serein urgently said with her hand extended.

“I wouldn’t use much of it, promise. Just a few drops.”

But Cherry still looked troubled, hence why she gave her one last push.

“Weren’t you about to use that on Gil, anyway? Is it really that different to use it on this guy? Why? Because he’s a stranger?”

Her words turned sharp and demanding.


That young adventurer looked like a predator about to finish its prey. Serein’s cold gaze looked like it was about to freeze her soul in place. It gave this unknown chilliness down her spine before she then was given no other choice but to obey.

‘Ah…! I don’t know anymore!’

At last, Cherry has no choice but to give what Serein had asked for.

After all, not only Serein is practically their golden ticket to get out of this horrendous place, Cherry wouldn’t be able to live it down to have another person dying before her. Especially not when she knows that she could have prevented that.

“Here you go, Serein-shi.”

In the end, she handed the elixir to the young adventurer.


Taking the small container before opening the lid with her mouth and then spitting it out before then giving an order to the still-standing pinknette.

“Hold him.”

Cherry, who could easily tell why Serein asked that of her, speaking from her own personal experience, stepped forward and got to the opposite side of her to hold the man down for what’s coming. By then, Gil has been crawling closer and understood immediately that he must help as well. So, he used his body weight to hold down the man’s legs.

At that moment, The ashy-haired person was already half-conscious, therefore he could not complain verbally as he was being held down like this. Well, except for the low grunts and soft pained groans that slipped out his lips that is.

“No! What are you trying to do to him! Let Cevahir go!”

The Wyrm on her neck let go of its bite and was about to injure Serein some more when she told it off in a scolding tone.


Her voice is as firm as her gaze.

“Stop moving around. The poison would spread faster if I caused accidents here, do you want him to die quickly?”

Serein blackmailed the two hatchlings, seeing that there’s no other way to keep them still and not ruin this process.

Fortunately for her, that seemed to have threatened them enough that they shut up and backed away instead.

“Good boys. Now stay there for a bit, this might get explosive…”

She warned before then focusing on unwrapping the bandages and removing the herbs pressed on the wound.

“Sir, This elixir would make your mana extremely chaotic for a whole minute or so, please bear with it.”

Serein couldn’t tell if the man could hear her or not, but at least she tried to warn him.

‘Three drops on the wounds, then the other two to be consumed’

She wouldn’t have known if there would be an important event in the future where every drop of this miracle would be someone’s lifeline. Which is why, five drops that were about to be used on Gil, she’ll use on this man instead.

It’s not the time to be selfish and use it on herself.

– Drip, Drip, Drip, Cshhhhh…!


The reaction is almost immediate. That ashy-haired guy started to shiver and by the third drop, he was convulsing.

“Not yet, sir. Hang in there.”

Serein grabbed his jaw and pressed on the cheeks to make him open his mouth so that she could drop the remaining 2 drops.

– Drip, Drip…

She made sure that he swallowed the medicine down even though it burns.

– Cough! Cough!

The poor male coughed harshly for nearly a full minute, making the two young Wyrms that anxiously waited by his side whimper, seeing their caretaker be this weak. That being said, Serein is calm. As a matter of fact, she looked more relaxed while watching the nasty purple slowly turn back into dark blue. The poison is being neutralized at such a fast pace.

‘Good, at this point, he’ll be able to survive.’

Just as she thought so, the ashy-haired person seems to be done with his fits. Whereas, the convulsing also stopped almost in that instant.

Serein could hear Cherry sighing in relief at that moment. Gil was smiling as well. Both of them seemed to be elated that they managed to save this person. Well, that monochromatic-haired adventurer pretty much felt the same despite her composed demeanor. 

No one realized this just yet but their action just changed the gears of the fate of this world…

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! I’m back now with the recovered chapters and updates. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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