Disconnected – Chapter 38: Pan-Pan or Mayday? (pt.3)


This thought wasn’t even amusing to the half-dragon who was now struggling to not show weakness in front of their new batch of enemies, despite failing miserably at the end.

He wanted to protect them, he needed to do that.

It seems like he grew a little bit too soft-hearted to these humans in such a short time, but they weren’t the real reason he felt this suffocating urge to protect.

Sam and Pam.

These two, he needed to take responsibility for them and protect them from even being taken away, it was his own choice after all.

He can still easily remember how Pam and Sam were looking at him once they hatched from their eggs, this old geezer was spouting some nonsense about him stealing these eggs, but in reality, Cevahir only felt the need to protect them.

The story went way back in the past. The hidden truth he could never tell the young two that were involved.

His younger brothers. Now he could call them that after the short life they spent together. However, in the past, it might actually be his human side, the one who has empathy in the heat of time when he hears the news.

Another case.

Someone like himself. The result of two races that shouldn’t mix came in the form of, not only one— but two eggs.

Knowing the unfairness that would befall the two, Cevahir made a choice there and then and decided to be the wanted one by the oh-so-magnificent beings.

Running away from the island, he knows that he would never be able to come back there alive. Not that he ever wished to stay longer there. In the end, he took the two eggs as his younger siblings and steeled himself into a secluded life the moment they hatched.

There are times when he fears for his future. After all, by doing this, he basically secured a grave with his name on it. That is, even if he was honored with a grave and not just ripped apart then played around like some sort of dead animal.

However, once he saw those sparkling eyes staring at him with awe and inspiration, how could he ignore them?

Dragons were supposed to be cocky and petty— even he himself has some of their attitudes most of the time. However, these two little ones?

They weren’t like that, they were innocent, naive, and just mostly oblivious. They looked up to him as an amazing older brother, and he always felt the need to be strong for them.

Since that moment they both stared at him with teary eyes from the nest as he planned to leave them, he knew he was already too late to do that.

He already adored the two, and so, instead of leaving forever, he bought them their favorite food and just came back.

As much attachment is there, responsibilities were also increasing. But he never hated it. Even now, he just wants to save them. He can’t accept death, because that means he will be failing them.


In the middle of his thoughts, Pam’s worried voice pulled him out to reality as he heard another voice as well.


As his body tried to subconsciously move according to the voice, he realized that it was way too late as he felt the stinging pain spreading from his abdomen and across his body.


Blue oozed out from where that geezer’s spear punctured his abdomen as a low grunt escaped his lips. All the while the enemy scoffed at him at the sight of this.

“So you do have some of the prestigious blood in your veins. Good for you, you should feel proud over this.” He sneered, “Although, this should have been a curse instead for a halfling like you, isn’t it~?”

Pulling out the weapon aggressively, it caused the wound to get wider while causing its victim to stumble and even almost fall to the ground, on his knees.

It doesn’t help that the ship is still shaking so much from the relentless sea monsters crashing their body onto the floating metal.

“Not accepted as a dragon and couldn’t be counted as a human as well. Unable to fit in. A loner, forever fated to be an outcast.”

Realizing the tight spot his big brother is cornered into, Pam panically went to Serein with the top speed he can manage, his eyes stinging with tears.

The reason for him to choose Serein over the others wasn’t that complicated to realize, not only she was the closest there is, it’s also because he trusted her to help him like how she always did days prior.

“Little human, help!”

That shriek startled Serein a bit, especially with how she felt Pam slithering up through her leg and to her back, she fought the urge to shiver and scratch her back.

Although, fortunately, she just ended her battle with another merfolk, this time by giving the enemy a nice stab from the back after round-house kicking him to the ground, making them clean a part of the ship with their face.

“C-Ceva-chi is in danger! We need to do something!!”

And true to his words, when Serein finally gets the sight of the silver-haired half-blood, the man was on the ground after he got punched and then kicked to the ground, a spear could be seen holding him down by his shoulder.

That leader actually went back to observe, enjoying watching the halfling suffering while losing so much blood.


As Serein rushed to Cevahir’s side, she kept a wary eye on that leader who nonchalantly chuckled at her movements.

“You won’t be able to save him, a pathetic half-blood being saved by a mere human. It’s laughable.”

“Just shut the fuck up old man” a spike out of the wood floor was about to stab one of the leader’s eyes if only he was late a second to evade that.

‘That power…’ Serein realized that it came from the same person who’s responsible for Gil’s temporary leg.

Arlia could be seen reaching one hand out toward where the spikes are while his other hand barely holding off the opponent he’s currently facing.

“Tsk, annoying brats”

The teen looked like he’s having difficulty as well, but Serein couldn’t thank him enough for giving her that one chance as she now can reach Cevahir’s place and push the geezer back from their injured comrade.

Basically, they were at a great disadvantage but at least they seem to be able to hold themselves for a little bit. Serein felt a bit of relief over that despite the rising stress with how the situation is turning as she checked Cevahir.

“Ai-min, if you’re around, tell us what should we do now?”

Serein didn’t ask Cevahir about how he felt, nor did she ask the ancient spirit whether the half-blood dragon would be okay. Instead, she decided to focus on the matter at hand.

They can try to heal Cevahir, but that’s only if they were able to survive this place.

She knew the spirit would answer her, according to Aiston’s own words, he doesn’t enjoy useless bloodbaths. And this was indeed an unnecessary one if they can do something to make the situation a little bit better.

“I’ll do it!”

Aiston didn’t respond to Serein’s question directly, however, judging from how Pam suddenly chirped like that, that adventurer felt her troubled heart easing slightly because there seemed to be a way to withstand if not win this, yet at the same time wary because Pam agreed to the plan without any of them knowing what is this plan actually is.

“Pam-min, what will you do–?” Cherry asked, she too felt worried about whatever shenanigan is coming next.

However, they could only see him slithering swiftly to the edge of the ship before turning to them—

“Ai-min said the Empress will stop this if I can make her listen to me!”



That was the only comment he left before jumping directly into the water, to which, the enemies stopped in their tracks and looked dumbfounded while the group shouted his name desperately.

Even that old man seemed to stop for a bit, will their Empress really listen to this little Wyrm–? He thought for a second before shaking his head, that wasn’t possible. At this point, they’re not even sure anymore if the egg was The heir of the Sea Monster Queen or The Sea Empress, but either way, it was clear that the Queen was raging over it and they needed to retrieve the egg no matter what happened.

Cevahir is only able to hear some noises and shouts, his vision was partially useless from how blurry it was and he felt dizzy as if someone kept shaking him before throwing him into a water whirlpool.


Through the voices he heard, he could only mumble the name weakly, he wished, hoped, and prayed for any god that was there to just keep his younger siblings safe.

‘Please… Don’t take them from me..’

The fragile part of his heart was showing even more, inside his heart, he didn’t care about anything. Didn’t care about pride, about identity, about absolutely anything.

Just save them.

He wishes he can open his mouth to beg this unique human next to him, but the blood loss made him so weak. His vision starts to fade out ever so slowly. In fact, the only reason he’s still able to stay conscious… although barely, was pure out of his strong will.

“Serein… save them…”

That murmur shook her whole being the moment she heard it. That strong and mighty person who saved her countless times was now begging her. Not to save him, not to help him. But to save his younger siblings.

She didn’t even need to look back at him to know his situation was going terrible now.

Actually, their whole situation was only going downhill as time continued. And—

‘Shit, I can’t leave him alone–!’

Well, truth be told, Serein wasn’t able to focus on him as she tried to rush after the young hatchling only to trip and realize that something was holding her ankle.

The wood floor wrapped around her ankle.

She immediately turned to the teen with anger filling her gaze, not even trying to be polite in her words as the situation was just so urgent for her.

“Brat! Let me go now! I need to follow him!”

Meanwhile, Arlia just finished killing another merfolk as his breathing hitched a bit, he still had the power to continue but he is getting worried after dealing with at least a dozen of those merfolks on his own. Normally he wouldn’t be this stressed out, but since he also has to control his power to protect his new comrades while being this outnumbered, along with watching how the enemies seemed to only increase—

“Annekin, you can’t go there,” —regardless of his own situation, he sternly told Serein.

“And why is that?? Don’t you realize how dangerous it’s there?!”

And in response to her angry yelling, Arlia only responded weakly.

“If you go there, you will die.”

The certainty in his tone caught her attention as she almost completely stilled for a moment there.

“My book told me, to stop arguing and just focus on here. He won’t be hurt inside the sea and you realize it too.”

Biting her lip, Serein had forgotten for a moment there, being swept by the motions. But now that he brought it up, she realized that the teen is basically warning her about her initial goal.

Which is, to survive this scenario.

The book that Arlia referred to should be telling him the true fate she is going to face according to her actions. So, if she had just followed her stubbornness and jumped, without heeding the obvious warning… well…

‘That would be the end of me.’

The reason ‘Serein’ died originally was because of the sea monsters. And yet in the heat of the moment, she almost dives into the water and probably straight to her own grave.

How can she be this stupid? She can only blame her love for reptiles and how she grew fond of these two Wyrms, along with the great responsibility and guilt she feels as she knows without her, they wouldn’t be here at all.

‘Well then’

After trying to assure herself that what Arlia says is the truth, especially on how Pam wouldn’t be harmed by those raging sea creatures. Serein prepared her blades and fixed her stance once more.


Their goal as a team is not to strike back, but rather to survive. To stay alive until their two youngest returned with any sort of good news.

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