Disconnected – Chapter 37: Pan-Pan or Mayday? (pt.2)

After the chilling comment that Cevahir made, the group realizes that the pirates aren’t the only ones needing to get ready in a battle station, though for now, it seems to be better to stay low than to recklessly join the heated fight between the two races, no one will like to throw their life away.

‘They are angry.’

Cevahir had claimed that this is not random aggression and instead it is a coordinated attack.

However, this is one of those parts of the details that Min Suhyun wasn’t paying attention to before. Had she known she would get trapped in her own draft like this, obviously she would have memorized the events that occurred. However, the problem didn’t stop there.

Serein was never one of the main characters of the story. In fact, her DEATH held more importance in the plotline than the character herself.

{it’s h-here…shhh…}

It’s a difficult task to hear what Aiston is trying to say through this whole chaos, but the fact that he’s trying to talk to Serein directly rather than through the dragons, that adventurer would like to think that she was trusted with whatever coming.

{t-the… shhh… is here}

“What is? And where is it?”

The spirit’s sound almost came out in static, but it sounded important that Serein unconsciously blurt out her question out loud. She just couldn’t afford to be ignored like before.

{Egg} Aiston answered her with the most simple answer he could give in this chaotic storm.

“What egg?”

{The heir}

Somehow making out those words uttered despite the fuzziness that accompanied the spirit’s voice, Serein realized the severity of the situation almost immediately, she couldn’t afford to try to be discreet or anything like it as she asked urgently.

“Where are we supposed to go?”

Cevahir, who picked up the situation just from what Serein was seemingly whispering to herself, asked seriously.

{It’s in the—}

The connection was cut off once again, but before Serein had enough time to panic, Sam immediately reacted much to the half-blood dragon’s surprise.

“Oi, where are you goin–?!”

The others couldn’t see the older hatchling leaving like how Cevahir was able to. However, it is not so hard to realize what’s going on with the silver-haired man’s frantic reaction.

“The spirit will guide me!” The young wyrm yelled back as he pretty much sprinted into the deeper part of the ship, possibly even deeper than the lower deck in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, “This little punk!” Cevahir could be seen losing his grace as he was about to chase after the bluish-green wyrm only to be stopped in his tracks when a spear almost hit him in between his eyes.

Snapping his head towards the person who threw that spear, he was met with a creature that appears to look like a human if it’s not for the full pitch black round eyes that looked like some kind of gems and the sharp nails that alone can be a deadlier weapon than the thrown spear–

“The Selkies are here.” Serein heard Arlia mumble next to her as he saw his eyes slightly shook, contrasting Cevahir’s eyes which sharpened instead.

‘The Seal folk??’

Serein knows that there are different kinds of merfolk in this wide sea. Just like how there are many creatures on land, Mermaids and Sirens aren’t the only creatures on the ocean, many types of sea creatures were living in the depth of the sea.

That being said, she did not expect anyone other than the sea monsters to join in on this attack. She did not remember any of this being mentioned in the draft, just like how she did not remember anything about Gil being somewhat of a companion to Arlia—

“And they’re not alone.” Gil has his sword on a ready fighting stance as well as their small group is now easily surrounded by three more merfolks.

“Ah, we should have seen this coming”

That Selkier spoke nonchalantly as his comrades continued to finish off anyone that was on the ship, either by attacking them head-on or by just tossing them to the seawater, their territory, where the sea monsters would rip their bodies apart without any ounce of mercy.

“The notorious degenerate who stole the sky’s eggs in the past came to steal our future leader, such an uninspired predicament.” The old Selkier sounded rather amused as he sneers, “You were spared, to think that you’d pull off such a stupid stunt rather than laying low, what fool”

That half-blood did not snark back. He was actually more focused on trying to hide Pam despite his still invisible state. However, his effort was betrayed by the young wyrm himself who could not stand those insult after insult coming towards his big brother and yelled.

“Ceva-chi is not a fool!”

Deciding to show himself and to be brave to ‘shield’ his big brother this time after all the times he was saved and protected by him, Pam felt actually confident while relying heavily upon the fact that he’s not going to be harmed per Arlia’s words, he actually glared at the old man who dares to talk bad about his Ceva-chi.

“Oh my.”

Interest is evident in that gasp coming from the enemy’s mouth, a nasty glint flickering across his eyes as he saw how quickly Cevahir pulled Pam back to hide the little hatchling closer to himself. His wicked grin only widens exponentially as he pulls out the obvious conclusion.

“If only we could have meddled with Sky matters, this would have been so much fun~” Cevahir has thick killing intent oozing out of him in response to this obvious provocation as he looked ready to strike while the old Selkie signed to his three subordinate signs that very likely told them to not attack recklessly and wait for further instructions.

“But you can’t do that, now can you?”

Despite his attempt to appear arrogant and show his obvious advantage, unfortunately, Cevahir sounded cornered if anything.

“That might be true” The Selkier shrugged, there’s no disappointment in his voice or expression. “We cannot meddle with the matter of the sky, however–”

The sharp glint went back as he continued, his words rather holding a hint of mockery.

“ —if we happen to kill the runaway traitor that has been outcasted by its own kind, I wonder if we could at least get compensation for it~”

A hand raised, and the three soldiers immediately swung their own spears and began to attack, following the signal from their leader.


The loud clash of metals was first heard from Gil’s sword which was encountering the sword aiming for his lady. That one-legged knight seemed to have a prosthetic leg made of wood, for now, replacing the empty spot to support his body’s weight.

“Annikin, don’t get too far, you hear me?!”

Arlia who was facing the other merfolk yelled out to the older male, his whole body was focused on the battle he had at hand while he was able to hear Gil exclaim back, “I know!”

While swinging his sword to hit the merfolk, he then followed that exclamation up with a message to another person instead, “Serein-shi. Please do your role right!”

By implying what the adventurer was paid to do on their early contract without mentioning what it really is, Gil was able to avoid Cherry being another target of these merfolks and sea creatures like how Cevahir does.

“What? No! I would not just —”

“Well, now is not the time to prove a point, Miss Cherry.” Serein cut off the princess’s retort before she could bring troubles to herself, “Even when you are able to, your knight is correct. So, if you could make our task easier without making a fuss, it would be great— No, it would be awesome, really.”

Her tone said it all, making the princess’ eyes twitch but stay silent nonetheless.

Afterall, Serein herself ended up with a soldier to handle, although, compared to the others, her opponent does look easier to handle.


“Just keep yourself away from trouble.” While fending off the upcoming attack while making sure that nothing can go past her and hit the disguised princess, Serein continued her small rebuke, “Though, if you want to help. Maybe somehow give us your buffing skills for support. You’re a mage afterall!”


A sound of realization went past the currently brown-haired mage, her eyes blinked once before widening. Anyone who was watching would’ve been able to hear her brain moving slowly until she blushed lightly.


Honestly, Serein wanted to smack her for that. And she would’ve done it if not for the crazy fact that she was in the middle of a battle. A freaking battle, trying to fend herself and this for-some-reason-slow princess against the spear

Well, at least she did as she was asked without much delay.

– Ooooong!

A soft pink light could be seen approaching the three humans, and engulfing them as Serein then can feel her own body lighter and easier to move as she went from defense to offense, attacking the soldier in front of her and almost disarming him if not for his stronghold on the spear.

However, she still managed to make him back away a few steps.


As she heard him groaning in pain and looking more at gourd, Serein gushed in her head.

‘Ohh~ Well, this is fancy~!’

It’s only half the swiftness she got from drinking that potion she bought from the broker, however, it is indeed better than nothing, not to mention how she won’t have to face that severe side effects.

However, given how the disguised princess was supporting three people now— not only one or two, Serein knew that this extra-power-up was for a limited time and so, she needs to watch out for any signs that this would end.

How terrible it’ll be if it ended while she was fending against one of those merfolks—

Before she can jinx herself any further, Serein pulls her attention to the soldier once more.

It would be great if she could use the mage’s assistance when she is fighting the queen as it was written in the plot— still, her dreaded ending.

But as of now.

‘First thing first—’



Effectively cutting the big vessel on the merfolk’s neck, all that she needed to do next was simple–


Finishing it off with a stab to the heart, and…

– crunch!

last twist.

It was quick, the merfolk merely had time to groan before his life was taken so easily by Serein. At that, Arlia who was glancing at her had his eyes sparkling and lips twitching before he then forced himself to focus on his battle.

However, he doesn’t seem to be able to contain his excitement entirely, to which later on, he ended up chiming in the middle of his own battle.

“Annekin! you are so cool~ can you help me here~?”

“You can keep up by yourself,” Serein responded without much emotion as she instead helped Gil to fend for some sneaky attacks that came from some cowards while also protecting Cherry, who’s no longer acting like a liability needing to be shielded, but rather their precious strength enhancer as well.

At the start, it was easy to protect Cherry but as time continued, it started to get hard. That’s because the merfolk realized that Cherry was the reason why their enemies started to grow stronger suddenly, so as a simple strategy, they tried to get rid of her first.

‘He is not moving.’

However, the reason Serein couldn’t relax at all wasn’t the continuous attacks she was facing, but rather the leader who seemed so indifferent from the start till now.

He doesn’t seem to be concerned about them being able to kill these soldiers, and honestly, he doesn’t even look affected. No sadness, no rage, no concern, not even an ounce of emotion was there in his eyes as his nasty grin stayed exactly the same.

“You have little strength, this seems fun~” with that sentence in a cheerful tone, that old geezer just grinned more, eyes almost appearing like crescents.

With another sign from his hands, all the soldiers retreated and jumped into the water again, leaving him completely alone in front of the group.


– Whistle!

And with that whistle, another batch of merfolk merged from the deep sea, the pressure and the killing intent coming from them made the group shiver.


As Serein cursed, she could only turn paler while glancing at Cevahir who looked the most troubled between them, chest going up and down with his pants, the cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

That is when this one intrusive thought began to muddle her mind.

‘We are fucked, aren’t we?’

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