Disconnected – Chapter 36: Pan-Pan or Mayday? (pt.1)

The wind isn’t roaring, nor is the sky looking dark. However, the way their ship is shaking so badly feels almost as if they’re facing a raging storm, a battle against mother nature.

That being said, the reason behind what’s happening is more than simply a fight with natural elements. 

Although it feels like the sea itself is raging, the people on board know more than anyone that this isn’t a mere normal occurrence.

“What is happening, hey!”

Sam’s panicked voice could be heard while Pam let out a startled squeak when a particularly strong hit almost tilted the whole ship over and threw them all to the depth of the sea.

The ship was clashing against the huge waves, and the sound of the water was almost deafening to everyone on it. Despite that, a voice was able to be heard. 

“The sea monsters.”

It was Arlia who’s been paying attention to what those pirates have been yelling about answered Sam’s puzzled yelp while clutching onto the side of the deck as well, trying to balance himself so he won’t fall easily.

“You’re right. There’s a herd of them roaming around here.”

Meanwhile, in contrast to the half-dragon who speaks in a calming tone, Pam shrieked in response, “Sea monsters??” 

If anyone else had been there to judge, they might get confused why a draconic member would have been this terrified against something that’s basically the same rank as themselves. Especially when there’s this unwritten rule that the almighty three beings of each element should not touch nor punish their kin.

This also resulted in the doom of one of the villages who killed the older version of either Sam or Pam in the original draft. 

—After killing the ‘monster’ that has been attacking them, Tens of dragons soon arrive and create havoc enough that it has made the land inhabited for the next generations to come; it was an absolute eradication. Level with the ground, nothing was left behind.

So, by this rule, there would be major consequences if ever Sam or Pam got killed by the sea monsters. A catastrophic battle would commence between the ‘Leader of The Sky’ and the ‘Leader of The Sea’, and it would be massive destruction that would cause great damage that the whole world won’t be able to recover from for a very long time. 

A lot of mortalities would happen to any living being within the area and possibly its surrounding for another decade to come, it was basically another elimination for another piece of land. 

Serein thought about that while noting for herself how Aidou was probably looking down on Cevahir. The only reason she could think of was linked to the insult she heard Aidou throwing at the Silver-haired draconic member. 

Mud blood. 

They looked down on him for being a half, for having mixed blood running under his skin and scales. 

Reprimandedly, it has always been a special case with this silver-haired man. But with Sam and Pam who are purebloods?

Why would these mighty dragons worry over this trivial matter? 

‘Don’t they know that they couldn’t possibly be killed unless by their own kind?’

Serein herself was wondering for a second there until she then remembered that although these two might have the arrogance of other full-fledged dragons, their whole life has been pretty isolated before. 

They probably never experienced meeting such creatures, and their interactions would likely be limited to their big brother as their splendid role model, the humans who had betrayed Cevahir before, and the most common are the mutants they’d been seeing in the woodland.

Pam was fascinated by Aidou, despite how Cevahir acted like he had banter with an old rival. From this, Serein also thinks back on how protective the half-blood dragon has been when it comes to his two younger siblings.

‘Could it be that they don’t know that they could be even mightier than these sea monsters when they grow up?’

Bewildered, she paused a bit at the genuine fear gesture coming from the two wyrms who went to their big brother and stuck close to him for protection–

‘Do they even know what sea monsters are?’

How adorable. 

She can’t stop that silly thought about how the clueless baby wyrms are just too adorable for their own good. However, she quickly recovered as she remembered that this isn’t a situation she could be relaxed in. 

This is the situation where ‘Serein’ died in the draft. 

Well, none of it matters now. Trusting how Cevahir would definitely take care of the two Wyrms well, Serein prepared herself for the upcoming battle, once more setting her mind to survive this day. 

‘They would start their attack by attacking the ship.’

However, most of ships nowadays are coated by a layer of protection magic, preventing the ship from sinking in the water no matter what happens. 

After all, there have been a lot of cases where the sea monsters just attacked ships on random whims

After decades of experiencing the worst from those random attacks, the ministry of magic comes up with a conclusion for the sailors and pirates alike. It was obviously a method that came with a hefty price, which is why transporting by sea would often cost more than traveling by land.

All in all, these sea monsters wouldn’t be able to tilt the ship even if they threw themselves insanely on the ship, but they could still break the metal layer of the ship and then tear the whole place apart before viciously eating the humans like some kind of snacks, depending on the quantity, maybe it’ll be a decent meal.

Basically, humans were nothing but livestock when it came to sea monsters. 

There are no records of these sea creatures ever communicating with humans, so really, unlike Aidou, Serein has zero thoughts on even trying to talk with this herd about not making her one of their delish targets.

“Hmm? You’re planning to fight them, little girl?”

Cevahir asked casually as he glanced at how Serein took out her weapon, specifically the other blade which the pair had been used by the half-blood dragon to knock out Aidou.

“Well,” To the question, that adventurer hummed while keeping an eye on the sea, “Just in case” in which, neither of the three dragons found lies in her statement. Afterall, if there was a more peaceful way, she would opt to not fight at all. After all, she wasn’t interested in throwing her life away uselessly. 

Cevahir’s expression was clearly unconvinced, however, he decided to let this matter be for the time being. He then turns to watch Gil who dashed to Cherry’s side before the two childhood friends regrouped with them. 

“I really don’t think that this is a random attack. These monsters seemed to be agitated” The disguised princess who had just arrived chimed in as soon she was in hearing range and was now glancing at Cevahir as if asking for any sort of explanation to answer her comment. 

However, the half-dragon doesn’t seem to know why. Though, he did confirm something. “You are correct. They are raging” he confirmed, “These monsters are livid over something. This is a coordinated attack and not some random aimless one.”

“Coordinated?” Gil asked warily, his own sword is out and ready to be used while still laying low with the rest of them, bracing for the next attack by these sea monsters. 

“Yes.” Cevahir says, “Afterall, normally there would be three at most in the usual cases. In addition, their queen won’t be around to join.

“—The sea monster queen is present?”

Eyes widened in dread, Cherry felt her heart racing even faster, beating loudly as if trying to break her ribcage and just escape before she could even think more. 

She just experienced how it felt to fight the King of Earth, Aidou, she did not want this honor of witnessing, let alone be included in another fight with another elemental royal.

“Why would THE queen be here? Why this specific ship??”

Just what was so special about it? 

However, much to her dismay there were no replies that specifically greet her question this time since, as mentioned before, even Cevahir himself doesn’t know why.

“There are tens of them. And if you can see the white one over there, that’s the one I meant. That’s their Queen.” That half-blood dragon pointed out instead.

Moving her gaze to the spot Cevahir pointed at, Serein was delightfully surprised by how her one ‘enemy’ was so easy to find, she didn’t need to look so hard for it. 

‘If things go as how they were written, then all I need to do is to watch over that one, right?’

As long as she stays away, supposedly she wouldn’t end up being the collateral damage of this ambush.

For whatever reason, she shouldn’t be involved after all. An innocent bystander was her goal for the month.

She, of course, didn’t want to be the bystander who just, unfortunately, got killed to fill the blank narrative of the plot. 

A pathetic end that Serein definitely does not look forward to—

“The pirate stole something. That’s why the queen is here”

Suddenly joining the conversation again, Arlia got their immediate attention upon that comment.

“They stole something?” Staring at the teen with a sharp gaze, Gil subconsciously grabbed Arlia’s hand harshly, not even noticing how much strength he is using in this tense situation. 

There was a problem with this too, how would Arlia know this fast? Is he involved-

“Yeah. My book told me.” sensing where the one-legged Knight was going with his line of thoughts, Arlia answered the previous question and explained as he stared straight back at the knight. 

“Ah, Also, Sam-min, Pam-min, no need to get so scared, they are not allowed to harm you two.” He then casually tried to assure the two baby Wyrms. 

“They’re so aggressive tho– are you sure, weird human??”

While Pam asked in scare, Sam who realized that the teen is not lying in his words immediately picked up something else that piqued his interest instead.

“Your book? Do you mean the spirit with you?” While asking that, that bluish-green wyrm stared at the oddly mute spirit that’s still hanging around the teen.

However, the teen just smiled, “Well, I mean, I didn’t know about spirits’ actual existence until a while ago, so… all I can say is that the book I owned told me.”

Another truth, which leads the siblings to exchange glances before then relaxing a bit at the new fact acquired. Unlike Cevahir who seemed to be more alert, though his sharp look wasn’t aimed at the monsters that’s starting to boldly rise their head over the surface level and snatching the pirates that were too close to the edge into the sea. 

They’re not being dragged down into the ocean and played around like how random attacks would normally go. No.

These pirates were killed on the spot. 

Immediately after getting within their grasp, those people were torn apart in a snap of fingers. 

Shooting cannon balls would be the safest option at this point, but even that wouldn’t be enough to fend themselves against this angry herd.

“What is it?” Cherry, who was horrified by the brutal scene in front of her, snapped her attention back to Arlia who had claimed something so bizarre but very likely to be the truth and the only clue as to why they are attacked.

“What is the thing that’s stolen from them? Would they calm down if we returned it??”

Humming, Arlia took out something under his shirt, wrapped around his neck is a chain necklace with a small book tied to it.

It looked like a miniature st the size of a child’s palm than an actual book, however, the teen was staring at it with a serious look on his face despite how ridiculous this looked. 

“It doesn’t say it here.” He later admitted, before then hiding the item once more before other people get a peek of it outside of their group, “I have no proof that it would work, But logically speaking, it should have worked, right?”

“It might or it might have not.” Cevahir said before laying out his reasons, “The King of the Earth, The Queen of the Sea, and The Lord of the sky, they each have different traits. But one thing they share in common, not only they’re not so forgiving, they are merciless, especially to those who dare to oppose them.”

Cevahir looked like he was speaking from an experience when he mentions that before he then added, “With their Queen being this pissed, I don’t think that these bastards would be spared either way.”

Undoubtedly so.

Silently agreeing with what the half-dragon said, everyone in their group turned slightly paler and even more when the man continued.

“Now the question is,” Cevahir seemingly made eye contact with that white Sea Queen before continuing, “Will we be spared?”

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! Here goes another update for the week! three of them to make up for the last ones~ Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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