Disconnected – Chapter 34: Twist & Turn of Fate (pt.4)

With a brow arched elegantly at the intriguing human, Cevahir ignored whatever the other was spewing about as he was more interested in the atmosphere surrounding this weird human.

“How curious.”

This time, it’s not Serein.

Cevahir was not expecting another one who has this weird ‘scent’ surrounding them to appear before him like this. Alas, there’s this young man.

‘And I thought the little girl was a peculiar one. Well, apparently that’s not the case?’ he mused with his own thoughts since despite being similar, there’s also a distinction between the two. A fine line that he couldn’t pick up entirely.

‘I still can’t understand it completely, I’m lacking the knowledge to decide.’

Cevahir had thought Serein was the weird one of the bunch because neither Cherry nor Gil had the same vibe as Serein and this boy. However, the fact that there are two of them— now it wouldn’t be so scandalous if there are some others who have similar senses like the Ancient spirits, although he’s not so sure if it’s simply the human race that has changed or whether it was their sheer luck to meet each other on this pirate ship.

Obviously, it’s one or another. So, getting curious about this new discovery, naturally that half-blood dragon would start questioning what might be the cause behind this familiar yet unfamiliar ‘scent’. One of the reasons he’s thinking about was none other than the possessions of an Archaic Relic that has been proven to have enhanced the ‘scent’ on Serein.

“So, you too have an item?”

In the previous years before he went into seclusion, Cevahir has mingled with humans and tried to live among them, blending in the background as he travels the world. Quite frankly with the long year he’s been alive, that half-blood dragon has lived several lives and even has some side jobs.

In short, Cevahir has had enough experience with humans and many other races for decades to conclude that these two aren’t part of the normal peeps.

‘After all, the world couldn’t have changed that drastically just within a couple of years, right?’

Well, he did forget to put a count on the short life expectancy of humans and how fast things can revolve around them. Still, in his hundreds of years of living as a cast out, he has never met someone who reeks this sort of ‘smell’ around them.

It couldn’t be because he’s too young…

Despite how he should be counted as young in Dragon’s year, Cevahir could hardly think that it was the main reason why he has never experienced this kind of situation.

However, unlike what he was expecting, the teen tilted his head instead as if wondering what this handsome silver-haired man was trying to say when Cevahir boldly nodded to one direction, which is his right, exactly where another Ancient spirit other than Aiston is present.

However, the boy seemed to be genuinely confused by the gesture rather than the statement itself. In a matter of fact he turned his head around, searching for something to be staring at— yet, he found nothing, obviously which made him even more confused.

This was natural, this boy after all can’t see spirits too, just like how most humans in general will be. In addition, to fulfill his contract with this Ancient spirit to gain the full ownership of his Archaic Relic, he would be forced to accept his fate, which the teen was struggling greatly to escape from its sharp fangs.

If this person was indeed Arlia and not someone else, that’s it.

“Umm… what?”

Spot on to her guess, the teen voiced out his confusion, which now became visible to the three dragons as well.

“So, you can’t see the spirit too, odd human?” Pam asked, followed by Sam who mentioned his own opinion about this phenomenon.

“I think people wouldn’t normally be able to see spirits” —Which was the conclusion he reached after realizing that none of these humans who claimed to be… well, humans, were able to point out the spirits that roam all around them. They don’t even react to some lesser spirit passing through them or poking them with curiosity.

That being said, the teen’s reaction seemed to be more comical than any of them ever anticipated or encountered before.

“You can see spirits?”

Almost mimicking how Pam usually reacted whenever he was excited, the boy’s eyes could almost be seen sparkling with stars as he looked at the three dragons, obviously thrilled with this new fact he just learned.

‘This is not good at all.’

Serein almost had her eyes squinted in displeasure with how things are progressing, especially since continuing this topic would likely entangle themselves even further with the potential MC of this ‘story’, in other words, entangle them with the best source of problems and troublesome situations around this world.

Unfortunately, before she could even open her mouth to say something and interfere with the flow of this conversation, someone else was faster than her.

“Yes! Yes, we can!”

“And we can hear them too.”

Who else would it be if not the two hatchlings who sounded proud of themselves as they bragged about what they can do while the others could not?


—And much to her dismay, the teen’s genuine awe seems to pique the young wyrms ego judging from how much the two chirps over each other, counting more facts and adding more length to their conversation, making that adventurer who couldn’t find a gap to interlude to lightly scowl in the background, finding herself helpless.

“What’s with that reaction though? They don’t speak to you, weird human?” Sam asked after a couple of exchanges of words later. At last, he seems to show some genuine interest in what this newcomer said.

And in return, the boy tilted his head in slight confusion and asked back slowly as if he wasn’t able to understand, “Spirits can speak?”

To answer his question, Pam’s lively chirp was more than enough, “They can!” The youngest in their party sounded so proud to announce that he and his brothers could hear the spirits while this human couldn’t.

Luckily for Serein, the greenish-blue wyrm seemed to have forgotten the fact that she, a supposed human, can hear Aiston. Although as for now that ability seemed to be one-sided with the Ancient Spirit having all of the control over this temporary one-way connection, that’s the case nonetheless.

‘Or maybe Pam-min simply doesn’t know about that,’ Well, whatever was the answer, that adventurer was not in the mood to find out the truth behind that. Especially not now, in this current situation.

“But mine doesn’t do that, I tried that many times.”

Instead of his previous cheeky grin, another confusion and slightly disheartened expression were evident on the teen’s face. Which actually made Serein a bit satisfied.


Serein was sure that she was not a sadist, even as Min Suhyun, she’d like to think that she’s quite generous and fair on the share of trauma each of her characters holds. That being said, at the same time none of those facts have ever been claimed nor confirmed, in other words, it’s all her own assumption.

Well, she’s definitely not ashamed to admit that she enjoyed the possible conflict inside the teen’s mind at this exact moment.

‘Actually, this is quite refreshing for a change—’

She couldn’t help the joy in her heart at the slight ‘misery’ of the person who’s been keeping her on the edge for what seemed to be weeks when in reality it has only been a couple of days and truthfully this was only her being petty or salty towards a ‘character’, now a person, that she barely knows. It’s one or the other but Serein likes to think of herself as both.

Regardless, that adventurer felt oddly relieved from his troubled look before then stopping herself from continuing on this ridiculous train of thought to focus more on what’s happening in front of her.

In a matter of fact, she actually heard Cevahir speaking this time, seemingly answering that questioning look on the teen’s face, “It seems like they don’t want to or don’t have the power to, it’s one way or another, there is no other reason.”

Serein was actually still a bit in shock when she saw how smooth the interaction between the Cevahir and Arlia was now when just a couple of moments ago that cringe and cheesy pickup line she heard made her think Arlia was done for.

She was expecting the half-blood dragon to have an explosive reaction if not flat out rejecting conversing any further and leaving. Yet, to her shock, they got along quite normally.

In any case, it seems like it’s no longer possible to interject and cut this conversation between the two males short, hence why Serein is now more focused on the conversation itself. Hoping to pick up something that can give her a clear sign of whether or not this person was Arlia or just another side character that for some odd reason has an eerie resemblance to the MC she’s been dreaded to meet. Afterall, she’d rather be skeptical before any confirmation was made.

Unfortunately, other than his appearance, Serein doesn’t have enough data to compare this teen with the said character, her subject of distress, so as of now what she picked up was the personality of this boy, to which, that adventurer concluded as—

‘—too childish.’

Not that it’s necessarily bad for a person, but like how he easily hits on people as he did to both her and Cevahir earlier, it was rather uncalled for and doesn’t fit the characteristic of the MC she assumed this person to be.

Honestly, she could have just asked whether his name is Arlia. This whole thing felt as if they were stalling for something big to happen.

Which…is not all that wrong, given that Serein is still anticipating for her ‘cause of death’ to happen anytime soon.

Once again drowning in her own narrative, she internally shakes her thoughts only to realize that her surroundings are oddly calm.

‘…why did they become quiet?’

While Serein was left wondering, shortly after the conversation seemed to halt, a voice came from the young wyrm.

“Can we keep him?”

‘What the–?’ Well, that suddenly took a drastic turn, ‘how much did I miss???’

That adventurer regrets not paying attention and missing out on the details. In all honesty, her short attention span has always been the main problem for a lot of things. Unfortunately, though at the same time, fortunately, this issue only ever struck her outside of battle.

Imagine how troublesome and dangerous it would have been if she’d had her minds interjecting themselves every now and then with her life on the line.

Yep. No fun.

—well, done with just another of those random inputs, Serein blinked her eyes, trying to tunnel focus back to the conversation.

“This human has a different smell than our little human. But he’s special too?”

‘Huh-? Special?’ While the hazel-eyed young woman’s mind spiraled with this turn of events and the sudden information dump, the teen in question seemed to care more about something else.

“Ah, it would be an honor if you call me by my name.” Smiling sweetly to the two wyrms on her palms, the owner of those two hands almost blatantly showed her shock instead.

‘Oh shit, I don’t want to hear that—’

Serein really, absolutely, undoubtedly doesn’t want to confirm her own guesses and if anyone were to ask how it goes, she’s been cursing herself for a while now due to how many times she’s been jinxing herself up to this point.

However, before she could have said something to prevent this situation from happening, the cheeky teen then introduced himself with a bright grin, much to her dismay…

“My name is Arlia Whitlock! Your friendly traveler buddy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Face devoid of colors, there goes her hope to stay as an unrelated background to straight to the drain—

‘Well, shit’

And with this revelation, she ominously felt how this just marked her fate to be seafood like an anchor to the deep sea…

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