Disconnected – Chapter 33: Twist & Turn of Fate (pt.3)


As the breeze filled the silence, Serein literally erased the existence of other people and the possibility of any other passengers or even pirates alike walking in on them as she focuses on the man who carries the two Wyrms.

‘Well, fuck…’

She should have known that this is bound to happen at one point or another. Honestly, she should have been more surprised that it hadn’t happened the moment they step foot on the ship or something.

Of course, stumbling over undiscovered strong characters are main character superpowers…

Isn’t it always that way?

‘I shouldn’t be so shocked.’

Therefore she keeps telling herself that she’s just not prepared enough because she’s more focused on trying to stay alive from her own possible demise.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you again, miss. We’ve met before, at the weaponry shop. Do you remember?”

The teen smiled similarly to when she found him. 

Or, well, when he found her, since that punk was the one to tap her shoulder first, mistakenly thinking her as a clerk who works there.


Did he though?

‘… He called me ‘Miss’ at the shop.’

She keeps being mistaken for a guy even after she talks for a while, except for the dragons which she felt like they would have figured her out at the earliest time of their meeting. Both Gil and Cherry have also mistaken her for the opposite gender due to her appearance and voice.

‘And it’s not like I changed how I dressed then and now either’.

Then how did he not make the same mistake?

Could it be that the Ancient Spirit latching onto his Archaic Relic told him about that? Serein can only speculates as of now, however, one thing she knows for sure—

‘Let’s limit our screen time with him.’

Trying not to interact much with Arlia will definitely be hard, but before she can further conclude that this punk is indeed the mc of her story, it’s better for her to just… Nod and yeet Sam and Pam outta there with herself.

Which, the former she did, though the latter is considerably much more difficult since the two Wyrms look like they’ve taken an interest in this new guy, seeing that they ignored her presence even after locking eyes with her upon her arrival.

Instead, they keep talking to him, while Serein’s mind is left to spiral back, trying to recollect all of the things she can remember about the main character of this draft.

His appearance.

His personality.

His fighting style.

Anything in recollection to check whether this person is indeed Arlia without anyone needing to ask his name.

‘If I remember it correctly, he has dark hair in a purplish hue. Was mentioned to be a brash teen with a lot of anger issues. Reckless and quick to jump to conclusions.’

For some reason, as someone who writes this character to be the main, he doesn’t sound like a good protagonist whatsoever.

‘He kinda sounds like a villain, actually…’

Sheepishly, she begins to think that maybe he has some sort of superpower not like any other. Hence, why he becomes the Hero in the end…?

‘A protagonist prompts the story’s action and captivates the reader’s attention, after all.’

Arlia definitely has quite an interesting background story, and throughout the few parts of the draft she had read before all of these happened, the teen was able to lead his party nicely. Nobody died throughout the whole chapter, and Min Suhyun was planning to keep all of his friends alive till the end.

[The Fallen Grace] is a story of a rebellious teenager who decided to free himself from the bounds of ‘fate’, and Arlia Whitlock is the protagonist of this story.

‘A punk who ran away from his home and set on a journey because he believed that he can change what’s set in stone.’

Although, it will be hypocritical of her if she laughs at him now, seeing how she is trying to cheat her own death plot that the storyline has invested in her list of fortune before she even arrived in this body.

{Right. So, I don’t know what you are daydreaming about, but this human that you’ve been so wary about is making his way.}

That… He does.  

But for Aiston to inform her about this himself when Sam and Pam were obviously in range. Was there an urgency for it? 

{He’s like you.}

‘Like me?’

Startled at the sudden drop of info, Serein’s eyes shake for a bit as her mind halts.

‘What does he mean by that?’

In what sense Arlia is like her??

{The feeling is similar, in a sense that—}

However, his sentence is cut short due to Pam’s chirping.

“Hey, hey, little human~!”

“What are you dazing about?”

Followed by Sam’s deadpanned inquiry, Serein soon snaps out of her zone and tries to focus on what’s happening in front of her instead.

“Oh, well, I was wondering where I saw this fellow since he claimed to have seen me before.” 

It’s a lame excuse, she knows. Yet still, Serein’s more focused on biting her own tongue before she can mention the two wyrms’ names in front of this presumed protagonist. After all, if there’s a way to lower the possibility of them getting involved with him, you can bet that she’ll do anything possible to just escape somehow.

“We have, Like I said, we met at the weapon shop. But I guess, it was a brief meeting, so I understand if you would not remember me.”

“And yet you somehow remember me.”

That adventurer asked back suspiciously.

“Well, yeah,” The young teen responded, “You have absolutely striking eyes, I’ve never met someone with such a clear pair as yours”

‘The fuck?’

Her eyes?

Serein would have accepted it more had this guy brought up her unmistakably hair streaks. But no. It’d her eyes that were being mentioned.

‘Is he hitting on me?’

She doesn’t remember Arlia being a flirty kind of punk in the draft. Then again, she couldn’t recall most of the things that were written in that draft. 

—Too much info dump, exactly why Min Suhyun had abandoned it and moved on to another genre instead.

“There are so many people with brown eyes. You should have broadened your map and looked around.” 

With a voice that sounded as if suppressing her annoyance, she responded dryly. 

Whereas, instead of getting annoyed, he merely chuckled, before then grinning.

“As a matter of fact, I am on my way to do exactly that, if I could be honest.”

“Oh?” Pam turned around to the teen, “You’re going on a long trip too?”

“Where are you going?” Sam tilted his head as he pondered.

“Me? Well, I’m not sure.” The teen merely smiled before then casually adding to his answer, “I don’t have a destined place, just enjoying this long trip called life.”

Cringing to that response, however, Serein manages to hold back her genuine reaction and instead pays more attention to the answer itself.

‘Wasn’t the reason Arlia left his homeland to find his friend that was banished from the village?’

That friend of his ended up dying though, from an attack of an adult wyrm going crazy and murdering many people. Where, Serein presumed that the said Wyrmn would be either of these two, Sam and Pam. Which is why she’s especially wary of this person holding these two cuties.

Well, either way, this is different from what’s happening in the story when Arlia told Princess Cerise, who was wearing her disguises, that he started this journey to find his friend, whom he has always seen as an older brother slash mentor, and to find himself. 

A journey to find oneself— a different story than what’s been prophesied to him.

‘But since the ‘present’ story was not aligned to what’s in the draft. Could it be that this guy, not Arlia?’

She can only hope for that to be the case. However, as much as there is a possibility that this guy is the MC, there’s no guarantee that he is not one.

“So, in other words, you’re just wandering aimlessly? wow, that’s la—”

“How cool!” With sparkly eyes, Pam cut off his brother’s words, “That means you’re confident that you can fight monsters alone right? whoaa you must have been so strong!”

Whereas Sam can only stare at his brother for having such a conclusion before then shaking his head, thinking that it’s not worth destroying the younger’s expectations, “Right, you must have been so strong and able to fend for yourself.”

Serein nearly snorted at Sam’s sassy retort, ‘This baby has fangs~’

And from the looks of it, the teenager was just as taken aback as herself before then chuckling softly, “Yeah well, normally calamity-level monsters won’t just randomly appear in the middle of civilizations. While I think I can take some big buffy guys if needed. So, I think I’ll be fine.” Finishing his line with a grin, however, Sam looked just as unimpressed as always.

‘Though crowd.’ Serein half mused though at the same time relieved that the older wyrm doesn’t seem like he’d get as attached to this punk.

Now the problem is Pam who seemed to have bought raw what the teen says.

Serein wanted to call their names and just take them away from this person since her gut feeling has been making her stomach churn since the first sight of him. However, to make them leave with her without calling their name or any of the other main characters she has at her party is quite hard… or rather, she’s too panicky to think of a way.

Thankfully it seems like Sam was in tune with her thoughts at that moment.

“Oi, come on, we need to go back, little human is here, and since she does, pretty sure big brother would search for us soon as well if he’s not already.”

‘Yes, Sam-min!’

Praising this sassy-smart dragon, Serein wanted to cheer aloud for this, really.

However, much to her dismay, the teenager doesn’t seem to be willing to let them go just yet.

“Eh? Leaving so early? I just met you though, Can’t you stay longer? like, you know, friends?”


‘Oh no.’ 

The main character pulling out ‘the friendship’ card has never been a good sign in Serein’s book.

“What are friends?”

“Huh?” Now it’s the teen’s time to look confused, “You don’t know what friends are?”

“Friends are people who have a bond of mutual affection. Which means they trust each other. Things that you don’t share with suspicious strangers randomly approaching you.” Taking this as her chance, Serein pretty much snatched the two from the teen’s hands and shot him a cold glare afterward.

Yet, seemingly unfazed, the teen just put his hand up as if surrendering while supporting a cheeky grin before then answering that claim.

“Hey now, if you just befriended people within your circle, maybe you should broaden your map and look around.” 

To her delight, she was not required to give a reply to that taunt, and yet, at the same time, it might have been unlucky of her because the reason why she doesn’t have the chance to shoot another comeback was none other than—

“Now I see why you don’t come back just yet”

‘Well, shit’

Cevahir is here. 

And she was caught red-handed doing a poor job at babysitting the two babies. 

‘Aha ha ha ha… act foolish, now. act foolish.’

“Hi, we’re done taking some fresh breeze, now we can retu—”

Yet with a smile on that handsome face, she knows that she’s doomed either way.


Though, she somehow got saved by the ticking bomb on her side taking the attention of the pissed newcomer by himself without her needing to take any damage. 

Arlia whistled as he stared at Cevahir, pretty much checking him out at the first sight.

“My goodness, I’m so lucky today. A nice lady and an amazing hottie~”, grinning cheekily, he followed, “Hello handsome, you got pretty dangerous eyes there~”


What the fuck did she just hear.

‘What was that??’

Serein could feel the goosebumps all over her body just from hearing that. It only gets worse when she actually turns around and sees the dark-haired punk grinning smugly as if he just achieved something magnificent by doing that.

That adventurer immediately anticipated the silver-haired half-blood dragon to just outstretched his hand and use his magic to throw the teen into the open sea. However, what she’s witnessing is far more dreadful than her recent nightmares. 


Cevahir doesn’t seem to be disturbed let alone annoyed, no. Instead, he’s actually arching his brow at the teen as if interested.

‘Holy shit my freaking hell what the actual fuckery is happening in front of me?? This. This punk seemed to get a Motherfucking dragon interested in him-?’

All of the sudden, Serein was convinced that this punk was indeed Arlia, though now her main concern has shifted in the most unpredictable direction.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! Here goes another update for the week + Art that you can check on the discussion channel. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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