Disconnected – Chapter 32: Twist & Turn of Fate (pt.2)

They tried.

Serein and Cherry have tried to sweeten their path to let Cevahir get on the ship without any background check. Serein has even offered three times more payment than normal just so he can somehow board alongside them.

However, all of their efforts are fruitless.

What they are checking is especially the fact that none of the Native folks will flee the territory. Even though they’re discussing private ship businesses, it seems like they too don’t want to mess with the higher-ups of this place.

All of their requests are turned down. Or rather, flat out thrown to the sea without care.

Serein and co even almost went as far as faking his ID with magic just to fulfill their scheming. That being said, Cevahir himself reminds these humans that they will be in a trickier problem once they get exposed due to the magic detector used at the checking station—

“They have a magic detector?”

Serein’s bafflement is apparent at the information, all the while Cherry just blinks.

“Oh, right.”

With one of them not knowing that it was indeed the case, and the other two don’t seem to input that due to their failure to remember, now it’s Cevahir’s turn to facepalm.

“Nothing seems to work… Aha ha ha” Gil sheepishly says before turning to his liege who sighs.

“Well, what now, then?”

Cherry asks back almost wearily, especially because half of the ships are already departing and there are only a few left.

“Couldn’t we just get on that ship with boxes?”

Sam’s voice is soft and small when he questions while maintaining his invisibility.

“I saw humans get to those ships too. Why not us?”
Pam also adds while making the tip of his tail partially visible as it points at the smaller ships at the dock. To explain why their idea cannot be applied as a solution to their situation, Serein smiles at the two’s curiosity.

“Well, we can’t, simply because those ships with boxes are cargo ships, while the smaller boats are for fishermen. They’re not suitable for a long trip like what we’re about to do.”

Patiently explaining it to them, Serein then tries again by offering those people five times more money, but to no avail.

“No use… We’re so late and no one will be willing to take someone who doesn’t have an ID.”

Serein mumbles in a hushed tone to the speechless princess who just got scolded by a captain for asking him to take them on the ship with someone who doesn’t have an ID… Again.

First of all, it is illegal and not to mention too dangerous. The captain has the right to take offense and he is indeed doing enough by not spreading the word about them.

“What are we supposed to do then?”

Gil says as he looks uneasily between their group members. He notices how his childhood friend clearly looks troubled and then the nonchalant half-dragon, who looks as if he doesn’t really care and won’t bother to care at all as he pats one of the invisible wyrms under his cloak.

But looking at Serein again, he has to blink his eyes, wanting to check if what he is seeing is real.

Their guide suddenly looks completely unfazed; just a bit annoyed if anything. However, aside from that, she doesn’t look troubled or uneasy.

“Look there,” she says as she points at a ship that was screaming shady, “That’s our ticket out of here.”

Looking at the ship she is pointing at more carefully, his expression twists, although it is far more subtle than Cherry, who looks at it with a mix of disappointment and disgust.

“Pirates’ ship…”


Nodding casually as if she is saying nothing wrong, the adventurer starts to speak again in a calm manner.

“Pirates aren’t that bad. Buying them with money and all is good. Thankfully, we have enough supplies that’ll help us to continue using this way.”

She pats Cherry’s shoulder and shrugs before continuing in a whisper,

“Princess, we don’t have any other choice. We both have places to attend to, don’t we?”

Helpless, Cherry only sighs, already too tired from all the talking to even glare at Serein as she usually would while returning her ID’s book to her.

“Fine then. You’re still officially my guide anyway. There will be huge consequences if unfortunate things happen when we’re on board. ”

Amused as she already knows well about the possibilities of the near future, Serein grins,

“At your service, milady~”

Even though she teased the disguised Princess once more, that adventure actually was not as jovial as her tone made her sounds.

Serein was actually quite devastated herself that they might stumble across… him, much to her dismay.

After all, there’s only two Pirate ships docking at this hour and the other one just left around 10 minutes ago.

‘I can only hope that we get to the other ship than the one that punk chose. Just. Please.’

She wants to believe in her luck for this, but this only makes her worry more as her luck in these encounters isn’t really the best.

Serein then looked at the sky while remembering the information about this certain Pirates’ ship.

In the original draft, Cherry didn’t have any other choice aside from getting on this ship as she needed to use the quickest way possible.

The Queen’s condition was uncertain and Cherry was too worried about her mother, they had limited time and she lost almost everything aside from herself in this short trip.

However, it was all deemed useless the moment she was deceived by someone she trusted like her own family. She basically went downhill even more and she was forced to watch her mother losing her life because of her own foolish mistake.

Since then, Cherry started to grow more as a member of the MC’s group and as a great Mage. Yes it may be cliche, but there is a reason why Serein dropped the draft.

The draft that she, Min Suhyun, wrote while being an amateur writer was filled with all kinds of loopholes and cliche settings. In addition, many important side characters were wasted as a simple stepping stone for the main characters’ growth.

Yes, the main characters need sacrifices and stepping stones to grow, that is an undeniable fact. Despite that, this draft was filled with important and amazing characters’ deaths, such as Cevahir’s death.

In her brain at that time, did she plan for that ‘skeleton’ to actually be a half-dragon? If so, then she really wants to slap her past self several times as she basically was wasting a great character without letting them even make a real appearance in the draft.

It was just too painful to actually re-read the draft and examine the uncountable errors and mistakes she made.

Pulling herself from these thoughts, she sighs at the irony of her trying to avoid this place actually to end up here.

‘Well, not like we have any other choice.’

After being unable to forge a new identity for Cevahir, they couldn’t possibly use the ship they planned to ride. And that’s why they now have to pay extra money to join those pirates instead.

‘Pirates’ loyalty is always linked to money and riches in any case.’

Money equals loyalty, that’s how pirates’ world is.

As long as they spent the right amount of money and managed to avoid making the pirates’ greed latch onto them, they will be able to use the pirates easily and without a problem.

Serein is once more grateful for the unexpected riches she got from The Great Sage, without them, she may be in deep trouble now with how she was completely penniless when she went to the mountain, unlike how she came back with many riches.

Thankfully Cherry doesn’t seem to mind spending some money like that as well. Either she just lets it go, or she is thinking that there is nothing else they can do, Serein is not sure about this point.

‘In any case…’

They’re finally sailing after discussing with the quartermaster at the last minute, which of course, cost them more than the initial payment they were supposed to pay.

But again, what did you expect from dealing with pirates?

–Not that it matters anymore though.

‘…We’re on our way to the Amaranth Kingdom.’

Because before dealing with those Sirens, first and foremost, Serein still have the obligation to return Cherry and Gil to their home. Or at least, back to the central territory of their nation as said in their revised contract.

It would be a disaster if she were to just abandon them here after all.

‘I might be able to avoid death,’ given that she’s now more prepared than how ‘Serein’ in Min Suhyun’s draft was, ‘but what about them, will they be able to survive?’

Gil is alive now, and it’s very unlikely for Serein to abandon him when the disaster hits. That being said, even with that one-legged knight now able to balance himself to walk and probably run, it’s still not as optimal as he previously was.

After all, losing a limb was a serious matter and a very hard thing to recover from.

There’s a bigger chance of him turning into seafood instead of a fighting machine he was knighted to be.

At that moment, a possibility seemed to hit Serein.

‘Wait… actually?’

– woosh wooosh


As the sea breeze filled the growing silence, Serein thought to herself with a blank face.

‘Would I be able to avoid this death sentence if I get to sacrifice someone else?’

It is… Morally wrong.

That being said, it’s not like she herself has not experienced how it was to be someone else’s meat shield.


It was just completely awful.

But everything in the name of survival is allowed, isn’t it?—


Slapping her own cheek to snap herself out of that mindset, Serein then scolded her own concise.

“No. Bad.”

She mumbled, thankfully not loud enough for anyone around her to hear. Serein doesn’t think she can explain to them or bring herself to come up with some excuses at this time.

Not when some extreme memories were trying to resurface from the deepest part of her mind.

‘If I were to do that, then I’d be no different than that degenerate.’

To be betrayed by someone whom she had thought of as her… friend After being left behind by her family. In all honesty that stings a lot, which is no wonder why she is still salty even though the said degraded already got hit by instant karma.

…Dying at the hands of those bastards to whom Min Suhyun was about to be sacrificed to.

– pinch!

Pinching the back of her own hand this time, Serein then huffed, feeling rather irritated.

‘What the heck? Am I having all of these flashbacks now because I’m about to die?’

It’s been a long time since she had to deal with these memories of the past.

For the last few years, she had been ignoring things and literally throwing her care away from this topic, especially since humanity started to rise once again from the world’s apocalypse state.

A new norm you might even say.

But that should be counted as another past to be archived as memory. This time around might actually be the worst time to daydream like this—

Speaking of which…

‘Where are Sam-min and Pam-min…?’

Her inner monologue seemed to have caused her to lose sight of the two young hatchlings who were JUST around… visibly playing.

“Oh, shit.”

Eyes slightly widened, Serein started to look around with a running mind filled with one question only.

‘Where the fuck are they!?’

She even asked Aiston whether they’re around, yet the ancient find it hilarious instead and just say no without helping her to locate the two wyrms on the loose.

The unhelpful spirit only caused more chaos in her mind by saying that Pam and Sam went to explore the ship because she had been ignoring their calls earlier.

At least that’s a confirmation that they are STILL on the ship.

Now, the important thing is to find them before Cevahir realizes that she was scurrying around like a headless chicken—

‘Well, fuck…’

On the good side, she was finally able to find the missing hachlings at a secluded corner of the deck.

That being said, the bad news of this narrative was the person who found the two are now staring at her, smiling. And he was none other than—




[[To be continued.]]

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! Here goes another update for the week + Art that you can check on the discussion channel. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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