Disconnected – Chapter 23: Fleeting Interlude (pt.3)

Since Cevahir did have ‘save points’ into his lair, a teleportation spell could easily be cast and as a matter of fact, he was only still around and didn’t do that yet despite getting injured because he was worried and waiting for Pam to return.

In all honesty, he wasn’t expecting them to continue on their journey. He had told Serein to get the young wyrm out of harm’s way, not really caring if the two humans would get injured at the moment. 

Two mere human women he met for less than a week; it was good enough that he didn’t despise humans enough to kill them on sight. 

If anything, he was enticed with rage when he realized that the two were not fleeting off the scenes as he instructed. Furthermore, they took Pam with them.

Cevahir was definitely enraged.

However, to his dismay, he couldn’t follow their track as easily with that old snail bastard standing in the way.

And that’s how he ended up having no other choice but to fight this punk with the best he could.

Although, even his best performance didn’t seem to be enough, seeing how he was still on the losing side while each of Aidou’s heads were grinning smugly at him. Their mucking snarky remarks were still being thrown at him, grating at him like a serrated knife. 

Infuriating in so many ways, this big difference in strength only reminded him of the flaw that he is as a whole.

“Really, just what do you expect from an outcast?”

Annoyed, however, it’s been long since Cevahir himself engraved and accepted this aspect as part of himself. He didn’t have that much trouble with hearing it. Rather, he considered it to be annoying and nothing else.

So, really, after hours of some trickery and foul play, it felt really rewarding to be able to tackle down this 3 meters beast. It was enough for him to feel lenient towards the two humans he was furious at some times prior.

–Or at least, that was what he tried to convince himself over the conversation and not the fact that he’s dead tired and wasn’t even willing to react further, let alone chase over the three figures.

“Aish, that thing again?”

Once they arrived at the lair, putting aside how rowdy Sam and Pam became, Cevahir was back again laid on his bed with Serein pulling out the same elixir canister that had saved him just yesterday.

“Hmm? Well yes, I mean, you seem like you need it so badly– Unless you have a better option to go to, Cevahir-min.”

“I can just wait it out and it’ll heal by itself, there is no need to go through all of this.”

The half-dragon casually replied, ignoring the aggravated babies who were definitely against that stupid decision of his–

“And you said that I’m the reckless one here?”

Unable to hold back her comment, Serein just used the rest of the elixir that she had saved up from the last time to fix the damage on Cevahir as efficiently as possible. Of course, while grumbling in her head.

‘Why do people keep saying that I am a disaster when they’re doing no better?’

A bit salty of this fact and finding it unfair, that adventurer missed the dumbfounded look on Cherry’s face. 

An expression that, although it was subtle for everyone else, that young knight seemed to understand what’s in these two’s minds simultaneously from the shift of emotion exposed on their faces. Gil could only smile rather sheepishly without uttering any word as he could only guess what had happened between his lady and their guide these past hours.

After all, at least his lady came back safely despite all the chaos that was unknown to him. 

Either way, it took Serein some time to nurse Cevahir’s wounds. Unfortunately, the remaining elixir was not enough to fix everything, and even with the potions that Cherry had, the injuries were not all the way healed.

“It’s fine. There’s no need to fret about this.” 

That half-dragon said again. However, this time, both Cherry and Serein finally accepted his words, not only because there’s literally nothing else for them to do. 

The silver-haired man did look much better despite how his skin was paler than what people would consider healthy. He wasn’t a vampire and this skin tone indeed wasn’t the right one for a half-dragon.

“Well, I guess some good night’s rest would be for the bes—”

– Kuruyuuuuk

Interrupted by a loud noise coming from her own stomach, Serein could only blink, seemingly unbothered by shame or anything. In fact, this only reminded her that she hadn’t been eating enough to be compared with all of the actions she had done for the last two to three days. 

“Seems like my adrenaline is finally wearing off.”

Simply laughing it off, Serein shrugged once her stomach quietened once more.


Dragging a weird-looking fruit that looks like a mango the size of a watermelon that got dumped in a cauldron of radioactive— Sam actually offered her something.

“I guess you’ve been helping big brother a lot, so take it. You seem hungry.” He said with a huff.

“But don’t get too comfy with it now! I’m just returning the favor!”

The bluish-green wyrm quickly added while his younger brother, Pam gave something else; a fruit that’s similar to an apple in appearance if only apples were normally pink with purple dots.

“Hehe, pink food for pink human~ Fitting, right?”

“Hmm hmm, thank you so much, Pam-min.”

Cherry accepted the food with a smile of gratitude and a brighter mood when Sam then said again to Serein, who hadn’t picked up the big fruit that he’d been dragging.

“I’ve fed that friend of yours. So, you don’t have to share.”


As if only snapping out of her thoughts, Serein nodded as she then picked up the big fruit and said, “Thank you, Sam-min, you’re very generous. I will try to finish this.”

“Hmp, you better be!”

The blue-eyed wyrm said although it was quite obvious how happy he became from the way he moved his tail around in a discreet mirth mood. 

Serein had to hide her grin as she compared Sam to those tsundere 2D characters she usually saw in countless anime and mangas. It was quite adorable if you asked her, which she didn’t expect as she felt rather bored and annoyed with these characters whenever they appeared in front of her. 

‘I think it’s because he’s cute.’

She nodded to herself. Indeed, adorableness would make any personality loveable. Not to mention how she liked reptiles. 

A biased thought it might be, but who cares, right? 

Her silly opinion on this didn’t concern anyone anyway.

“Awww, you think we’re cute, little human? You’re cute too!”

Pam praised after the soft breeze that she felt had been confirmed to be Aiston passing notes to Pam on what Serein was thinking.


Blushing lightly, Serein cleared her throat. To which, Cevahir found it amusing that the girl would get shy over this rather than her loud stomach earlier.

“Yes, I do find you two cute, in addition talented, and from the lack of words– magical.”

She admitted with genuine fascination. One that Sam seemed to approve of as he nodded smugly.


Cevahir chuckled as he found this turn of events to be more and more amusing and intriguing as time went on.

“Oh my, so, not only you’re in contact with a spirit, but you’re also in a contract with the said spirit? an Ancient one at that? Goodness.”

His eyes sparkled, the weariness in those golden irises almost being replaced completely as that draconic being looked as mesmerized as the youngest would usually be.

‘ … What, why? what’s with these stares?’

Serein, who was oblivious that owning an Archaic Relics wasn’t as easy nor was it as common occurrence as she had initially thought, could only look away and pretend not to notice those gazes aimed at her while she’s questioning herself at last.

‘Is it really special to be able to contact a spirit?’

“Little human, the spirit says yes to your question.”

This time Sam was the one who passed the message while copying his younger brother’s way to address Serein, whose corner of her lip twitched in irritation.

“Ah, yes, Sam-min. Could you kindly tell Ai-shi not to just barge into my mind like that? It’s kinda rude.”

“Well, I mean, he can hear you just right without me telling him what you said– He said no though.”

And that brought laughter to Cevahir’s mouth.

“Little girl, your contract is not fully committed yet, is it?”

That silver-haired man asked in a more casual manner than before despite looking like he was already aware of the fact that he’s correct.


“That’s true.”

–Serein confirmed that statement anyway.

“He withstands our contract until later.”

Vaguely hinted that there were other requirements she needed to do in order to conduct the contract.

“Well, you can’t block off your thoughts from them when staying like that is their only way to keep the contract open exclusively for you.” Cevahir explained, “Think of it as a link that would latch onto you until the whole bridge is fully built and only then you can create a gate for the bridge.”


Serein didn’t know if she were to groan or cry about this new information.

“I suppose that does make sense…”

‘Doesn’t mean I like it tho. At least don’t mention it out loud to others, would you?’

Now considering the fact that Aiston would be able to know what she’s thinking at the moment, she felt the need to at least make the spirit understand the situation.

‘My thoughts wouldn’t be all aligned with things that would happen later or so. It’s very likely that I’ll have random thoughts mushed together. So, unless it is important or necessary, please limit the exposure?’


Cevahir said as if responding to what the Serein just thought about before he then added some of his own comments.

“It seems like this spirit, that comes through by the name ‘Ai’, has quite an expectation of you, little girl. He gave the impression that he has some faith in you to fulfill whatever the quest he asked of you.”

‘Which is remarkable, really.’

That half-blood dragon truly thinks so despite not saying it out loud. Although, seeing that one-legged knight’s reaction— jaw-dropping, eyes trembling, and basically all the similar reactions— his lack of physical reaction was considered unnecessary.

“A contract… With a spirit.”

A soft gasp of astonishment escaped that brown-haired knight. Now, although Gil would easily admit that he’s far lacking when it came to the wisdom of wizards and their own things further than their ranks, however, even commoners knew that a tower master was rarely able to achieve this feat easily. 

Therefore, naturally, the first thing that he could think of at that moment was–

“—Aren’t you a dragon??”

“A what, now?”

While Cevahir found this hilarious and would have chortled along with the pink-haired mage, he refrained himself from laughing so he wouldn’t reopen his wound. Although, with the knight’s further rambling, that task was substantially hard to be accomplished. 

“Do you perhaps come from a draconic bloodline like Cevahir-min, Serein-shi? But wait, can a dragon suffer from Stiriacrus? I never knew dragons would suffer from human illness… But I guess if Serein-shi is a half-blood, that can be? Oh goodness, I never knew that Stiriacrus  was strong enough to even affect dragons…” 


‘This dude is broken.’

While Serein stared at the poor knight blankly, Cherry, who was still giggling while trying to suppress her laughter the best she could, could only pat her childhood friend’s shoulder to snap him out of his silly maundering.

That being said, the urge to tease him further was too great that instead of denying such a possibility, that pink-haired mage mischievously responded with,

“Well, Serein-shi did find out that she’s not entirely human, so—”

And with that, the poor guy just crashed…

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