Disconnected – Chapter 18: Tale of The Past (pt.3)

“What is a lottery?”

Of all the questions that Cherry had in her mind right now, she chose to question this new word that she had never heard of before.

After all, she’s rather tired of not knowing things and feeling lost throughout this journey. So, when she heard another new word being uttered, she prioritized that to be quizzed.

–Completely ignoring her previous realization of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

All the while, Serein could only blink as she realized that she made a mistake by mentioning something that shouldn’t exist in this world’s current era. But knowing that Cherry wouldn’t just let her go of it, that adventurer shrugged casually before then generally informing her what it was.

“Oh, that? It’s just another form of gambling from the west–”

Waving her hand, she quickly dismissed this random query and asked the real question here.

“By the way, it seems I ended up owning these whole things, are you okay with that princess?”

Turning to the pink-haired mage, Serein showed Cherry her bracelet though at the same she let the said item take the spotlight from the pink diamond she’s carrying in her other hand.

“I mean, is there anything else I can do?”

Smiling helplessly, Serein could actually sense the defiance despite her demeanor, though, really it is understandable since more than just piles of luxuries, to this princess all of these items were priceless.

Other than its monetary value, this inheritance also harbored immeasurable historical value and a magnanimous amount of knowledge that might not only affect the disappointed princess, but also the whole nation of the Amaranth Kingdom.

Feeling bad and realizing how much it sucked it was if she was in her shoes, Serein then confessed.

“In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting any of this. I came here only aiming for one thing. So if you wished for it, you can take the rest of them”

Or so she claimed.

When in reality, it wasn’t an easy task to take off the bracelet. In a matter of fact, the accessory seemed to tighten itself around her small wrist as if it’s cursed to never leave the owner’s side.

“Ah, no no. It is okay, really. Besides! It’s only fair that you have them since you literally paid the cost with your own blood–”

And your elixir.”

Serein cut in, still tugging on the bracelet.

“Well, if I don’t have to pay you for that 200 gold coins, I’ll see this as even, how about that?”

Cherry tried to negotiate as she realized that her guide was truthful with what she just said. Although, admittedly, she was also amazed at how altruistic this young adventurer was.

“Hmm… I guess that can be done,” With a solemn nod, Serein agreed easily, “Your payment has been paid in advance.”

In all actuality, Serein found this to be the most beneficial deal she could reach with the princess. The amount of treasures and riches she got from this place was far more worthy than a mere 200 coins. Not to mention, this deal would ensure a relatively good relationship with the Crown Princess in the future if she ever was in need of some assistance.

—It’ll be pretty useful in case she possibly got entangled with the royal family or people with strong influence.

Meanwhile, used to being surrounded by Nobles and royalties with varying attitudes, Cherry, who’s more comfortable hanging out with her best friend Gil and the other servants rather than living her prestigious life as the crown princess, had gained more interest in Serein’s attitude.

Feral, unexpected, brave, yet tremendously selfless.

She found it appropriate if this kind of person was proven to be worthy of her ancestor’s heritage.


“You said you’re here to get something specific–?”

“Ooh~ what is it, little human? One of the sparkly sparkly items?”

Despite being interjected by the enthusiastic wyrm, her question was delivered.

“No. Actually, I came here for a certain book.”

Serein tried to be vague with her answer, rather unsure how Cherry would react if she were to mention the relic’s name. However, Pam seemed to be so curious that she ended up describing the book as far as she knows it when that mage piqued.

“Notebook of Certitude?”


Figuring that she’s been seen through so easily, she felt like there was no reason for her to keep it a secret anymore.

“Yes, that item. There’s no one else recorded to own that Archaic Relic other than The Great Sage. So, I figured that I’ll find it here– though I did not find any books around when we first arrived.”

Granted, she only skimmed over with her eyes and did not even look around properly just yet when things just escalated in a matter of seconds. She was even sure that their bizarre interaction with the Great Sadge only lasted for less than half an hour or so.

“Right, uh… there’s only one Archaic Relic that my family owns as an heirloom. I have never known any record that mentioned other relics to be in our possession, so…”

‘Well, clearly not.’

After all, She basically cheated on this knowledge as Min Suhyun was the one who wrote about the existence of this world and its minutiae.

Not to mention, this relic was not supposedly included ever as the ability of this notebook was not suitable to fight or defend. Its importance in the original draft she wrote only amounted as much as the original Serein. Just a random thing to be mentioned in order to introduce other items that were actually needed to move the story along.

Cannon fodder meant to increase the author’s word count.

This was why, though she doesn’t know what the book actually does, she was so sure that–

“Notebook of Certitude exists and it should be stored somewhere in this place. I just need to find it.”

Shortly after she finished with her sentence, her bracelet glowed light pink as something formed on her hand, enveloped in a white glow as it soon appeared in its full form.

–And just like that. All of the sudden the book that she’s been looking for arrived in her hand like magic.


Rather dumbfounded with what just happened, Serein herself felt the urge to facepalm or something equivalent, though she ended up simply deadpanning at the pocket-size notebook that’s now innocently laid on her palm.

“Uwoooh~! Amazing! Little human can do summoning too!”

Pam slithered close as he went down to her wrist, close enough to sniff the new item.

“Smells old.”

He reported, and Serein, who’s not ready to give any sort of response, could only nod.

“It does smell old.”

Cherry hummed in the background, seemingly just as shocked with the sudden appearance of the book before then she asked her guide.

“Maybe it appeared because you were seeking it?”

After all, there was no reaction whatsoever when she was the one who mentioned the relic’s name. So, at the moment that was the only possibility that might have happened.

Either way, Serein hummed softly as she observed the very ordinary looking leather covered notebook.

[ Archaic Relics are items that contains spirits which would grant you powers if the payment is fit ]

There are items that take the owner’s voice, ability to walk, and such. In fact, as the owner of [Guide of Good and Bad Will], Arlia lost half of his presence, which makes him so hard to be noticed by people who’re not paying enough attention.

‘I wonder what it will take from me when I make a contract with it.’

Pondering in her head, she’s actually questioning how she should be able to contact the spirit in this book when she then recalled what Cherry just said.

“Right. So? How to call out the spirit? You said your Kingdom has one, right?”

Turning to the pink-haired mage, Serein tapped the notebook in cue.

“Oh. That.”

Sounding rather hesitant, Cherry actually let out a sigh upon the adventurer’s heavy stare.


Feeling pressured despite not being physically threatened for it, Cherry soon crumbled and told the hazel-eyed guide what she wanted to know.

“You’d need to make a blood contra– Oh for heaven’s sake!!!”

“KYAK! Little human lost more red!”

Serein’s companions exclaimed in exasperation as they saw how Serein, without any hesitation, stabbed her hand before putting the bloodied palm on the leather cover of the notebook.

“Why are you always so reckless, my goodness!”

‘This is exactly why I don’t want to tell him!’

Cherry, who was still mistaken with Serein’s gender due to her voice and outfit, felt like screeching or smacking her careless guide due to all of these mini heart attacks that the latter gave her.

However, before she could do anything to the infuriating adventurer, the notebook glowed just as she had expected. Whereas soon enough a bluish half transparent figure on top of the notebook.

A spirit that took the form of a small snake soon spoke to her.

“How intriguing~”

They only met, yet the first word that the spirit uttered was extremely similar with Aidou’s. This time, Serein made sure not to waste no time as she asked the spirit.

“Are you going to tell me that you’re interested in how I am not a human as well?”

Surprised with what the other just said, Cherry, who couldn’t hear the spirit’s voice, was stupefied with this claim– or rather, one sided conversation.

‘Not a human– wait what?’

“Little human, what do you mean you are not a human? What did this weirdly glowy fellow say to you?”

More curious of what the monochromatic-haired adventurer just said rather than getting curious of a creature that was pretty much similar in shape with himself, Pam poked the adventurer’s cheek to gain her attention.

All the while, with Serein; it was just after hearing what the young wyrm said that she realized that only she could hear what the spirit told her.

“That is correct. As you’re the one who summoned me here, only you will be able to understand me even if others could hear me speak.”

The spirit sounded rather cheeky as it confirmed what’s been in her mind.

“I see.”

She didn’t pry further into the matter as there are a lot of things she was more curious about, and the time Cevahir could buy for them was limited.

That being said, it seemed like her previous accusation was somewhat correct, although this chat did not go in the exact direction she was expecting.

“Fufu~ Aren’t you greedy little one? You already have a contract with {Space} and there’s even a lingering trace of another one of us. And yet you’re still seeking my power.”

The spirit tilted its head as it stared at Serein as if amused. All the while, Serein was copying its movement. Although, she acted out of confusion instead.

‘What did it just say–?’

Trying to understand what the spirit just said, Serein repeated its words in her head.

‘A contract with {Space}…?’

–It also mentioned something about a trace of ‘another one of us’

‘Does it mean another spirit? Another Archaic Relic? Or… another ancient item?’

In the midst of confusion, she could only hope that it was one of the guesses she made. Because in all honesty, she’s out of wits at this point.

Far too tired to extend her imagination just to figure out exactly what the spirit meant.

So, rather than straining her brain further, she chose to ask whether she could make a contract with the spirit or not.

To which, much to her delight, the spirit did not dilly dally and simply smiled at her–

A mysterious smile that gave her stomach a light churn, but either way, it was not a ‘no’.

“There’s a price for your prize. My tales aren’t affordable, and I shall get my remuneration for every session. But first

The spirit paused, its theatrics full of dramatization befitting an ancient being.

“The contract itself costs your sense of taste. Are you willing to sacrifice it?”

This time, it was Cherry and Pam’s turn to scowl as they watched the frowning face turn into a jovial grin upon hearing the words that she’s been waiting for–

“Of course~”

A cheery answer in response to the cunning spirit’s question, The hearts of Serein’s two companions quickly filled with dread.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! Here goes another update for the week. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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  1. Angelica

    Why do we shine at night, if nobody notices our presence? I don’t want to be untethered anymore. I want to be noticed. But even if Evil only wants to Live, we are only shown people’s backs and cheeks. They only look Right and never Left, even though it is safest.

  2. Angelica

    Also, contracts hide tricks in them. Don’t fall into a trap, or let your character do so. They’re important too, even if you only see them as NPCs or cannon fodder. We’ve died in the background of stories too many times to count, and nobody notices. If we seem fictional, they just turn the other cheek without realising.


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