Disconnected – Chapter 17: Tale of The Past (pt.2)

There were a lot of emotions that could be felt coming from these harsh words of someone who admitted that they were merely a part of their living consciousness…

This could only mean, there were more scorching emotions that weren’t revealed yet to the world even after her supposedly peaceful eternal slumber.

The atmosphere turned icy cold and the three mortals present could feel the pressing aura coming from the Great Sage as she seemed to pour her frustration out. It actually caused cracks to appear on her appearance and the fragile bones that could now be seen as the illusions wore off ever so slowly.

-Crackle! Crackle!

“They stole our ideas. They stole innocent lives. They erased tracks. They– They…!!!”

More thunderous noises could be heard, followed by deafening noises of the items clattering and screeching into the floor as another earthquake commenced, seemingly in tune with the owner of this place’s emotions.

Closing her ears shut, Serein grouched in her head.

‘Graceful?? Who the fuck ever said that this lady is graceful??’

It was clear that rather than a sophisticated and forgiving entity that the world had been glorifying all this time, this part of consciousness that’s left behind by the Great Sage showed that the first Queen of the Amaranth Kingdom held a lot of grudge and hidden emotions deep inside.



Cherry watched as those blank eyes of her ancestor poured out tears filled with fury and remorse. The short-haired lady was mourning as she just kept on raging about things that basically confirmed Serein’s previous story to be true.

‘To think that I– no, nobody, would have known the truth about this calamity had it not been from Serein-shi’s reckless behavior…’

Just a bunch of impulsive conduct done by her guide, mixed up with their already deranged misadventures–

The young Princess felt like everything just turned from chaotic to full of madness the more she spent time with this daredevil.

Then again, that’s not important right now. She can’t yell, or complain, let alone scold the carefree adventurer if they ended up dying here, can she?

She’s planning to do that later of course, but first…

‘We need to find a way to stop her mourning!’

The only problem is, no one knew how to do that–

“When the heavens look grave my dear
As your heart is harrowed like a tear”

Shaky from the fright, however, his voice was surprisingly loud enough to cut through the blaring noises made by the crazed lady before them.

“After a pour, the day will once again shine
As all the dirt was gone, drifted down the lane.
And once the big three are done taking you for a ride.
Shall the winter breeze guide your way home.”

Repeating the lullaby for the second time, soon followed by the third time and fourth, Pam began to gain his confidence as his voice slowly became steady synchronizing with how the mourning lady slowly calmed down, and even looked rather mesmerized; enchanted by the younger’s soulful singing despite his adorable, squeaky voice.

“…Are you sleepy now, Sadge?”


Serein blinked as she echoed what the young wyrm just called the sage, almost ignoring everything else from this one sole distraction.

“Yes yes. Sadge. Sad Sage. Her name is Sage, right? And she’s sad. Soooo… Sadge!”

Cheerful in his reply, Pam’s innocent chirp made it even more comical to that adventurer whose soul remembered that word as something else entirely than just a mere abbreviation made on the spot.

Reminding herself of the dire situation that they were just in, Serein pushed back the unrelated memory she had as Min Suhyun and tried to answer him without thinking about a certain dog meme that was spiraling around in her previous life–

“Her name is not Sage, Pam-min, that’s more of a grand title bestowed on her. So, I’m not sure if she’d be alright to be called–”


‘My goodness. Of all things. Why?’

Reminding herself not to react inappropriatelylike laughing, for example Serein made sure that her expression remained straight-faced and only showed a bit of confusion as she trailed in her words.

It’s a meme. Just one of the many silly pictures that were being passed around the internet once humanity could finally handle the calamity.

‘Is it because I was barraged with memes by Duck-young when I wrote this draft?’

That might be it.

Well, at least there’s only one influence so far–

She could only pray that no more lore will be mixed up from the other world with this one.

“I no longer have a name. So you can call me anything you wish…”

Once again soft-spoken as if she was trying her best to hide behind the kind persona she’s been showing the rest of the world, that was how The Great Sage of the ancient times somehow named after one of the modern memes– Serein nearly acted on impulse once more and banged her head on the wall upon this realization.

“Yay! Sadge loves her name!”

Swishing his tail in celebration, Cherry flinched a bit, rather startled by the movement as the young wyrm finally came out of his hiding place. Upon all the things that came down on them, she could barely register the fact that Pam was in fact using her hair to hide from her ancestor’s… piece of consciousness.

“Well, it seems so. Though, above all, you have actually helped us to calm her down, Pam-min. Thank you.”

Once Pam found his way back to his favorite perching spot, Serein’s arm, he was immediately rewarded with another head pat from his little human. Liking that treatment, the greenish-blue hatchling nearly let out a purr before he caught himself and grinned smugly at them instead, feeling rather accomplished.

“I think I unlocked my elemental power too! Ceva-chi would be so proud hehe~ Now I’m on par with my brother as well!”

Happily bragging, however, there’s someone who doesn’t look as celebrated as others, and instead let out a gloomy voice as she spoke.


The Sage sounded sorrowful this time. The edges of her smile slowly lowered as she spoke,

“A sacrifice that was made by one side of the mirror finally brought misery rather than clarity…”

Serein nearly let out a sigh overhearing this.

‘Now, what kind of nonsense is she spewing?’

Honestly, it’s rather tiring to keep up with these punks who just kept talking in riddles. First, it was Aidou. Then, those doors and now even The Great Sage herself.

‘I hope this won’t be a regular occurrence…’

Then again, perhaps it was her love of riddles that soon made her quite a decent mystery novelist bearing the name Alria as her pseudonym.

‘Now that I think about it, my name is just a switch of Arlia’s name, isn’t it–’

Boy, wasn’t she a creative author?

Well, ahem, in any case, Serein tried to memorize what the Sage just said word by word, assuming that they would need this information later on.

‘Should I dig more into this?’

Whilst wondering in her mind, Serein was formulating some more words to be uttered when the Great Sage’s image started to glow as her hand rested on the adventurer’s empty shoulder.

“Only those who paid the right price shall be rewarded their share of spoils.”

Somehow sounding normal once again, the Sage repeated what she had said on her first appearance a few moments ago.

However, this time, there’s a little more to it as her rose-colored eyes cleared up a bit while staring firmly at Serein’s eyes.

“This is my selfish desire, but for the sacrifice you’ve made, I shall bequeath my possessions to the selfless soul who can carry my will and fulfill my deepest regret.”

‘–wait, what?’

Face scrunched up, however, Serein didn’t get the chance to react further over this sudden turn of events as the Great Sage already spoke once more.

“I shall promise that you’ll have your promised ending. In addition, I will guide you along the way to the right path. So please, be the carrier of my blade and my millennial long wish.”

Her words are confusing, yet still heavy no matter how Serein tried to interpret them. So, honestly, her response is quite understandable.

“…Ma’am. Without disrespect, just what the fu– what in the world are you talking about?”

Baffled and just finding this whole situation to be utterly ridiculous, however, her flight and fight senses told her to run now before she could regret it. But of course, as if jinxing herself, she couldn’t escape the strong grip of this indomitable being.

Not because this Great Sage had the strength of the universe to hold down such a skinny little girl as herself, no. Even though the Sage had a beautiful lady as her visual, she’s actually not any better than a brittle skull wrapped in high-tier illusion.

What actually stopped Serein from breaking free was what this mystical lady whispered in her ear.

“I can help you.”

With a whisper that could only be heard by Serein herself, a voice invaded her head at that very moment.

{Drifting spirit that made a deal with time; the child who bears questions that the universe cannot give satisfying answers for.

If you help me, I shall assist you with relieving the questions you possess within your soul.}

Startled though somehow managed to not show it through her standard deadpan expression, Serein felt like this old lady might have figured something else– moreless as much as Aidou did.

She was still the Great Sage, even though what she was seeing in front of her right now was a mere shard of the original consciousness of this mighty being.

Serein couldn’t tell what this old lady has figured out about her, unfortunately, and it’s quite obvious that this being that’s now named after a silly modern meme won’t spoil her enough to answer every little question she had–

Not gonna lie, she almost wished the Sage would do that actually, even if she must suffer from some brain-damaging riddles. At least she would get some answers for her inquiries.

Regretfully that led to having no other choice but to agree. Though of course, she would ask for compensation.

“Sage-min. I am not going to do things for free for anyone. So spill it. What is in it for me? And what would happen to me if I can’t do what you asked for?”

After all, she’s still pretty much a human– Possibly a bit special from all the clues that both Aidou and this Sadge have dropped like breadcrumbs to waddling ducks– but still not too different from common folks.


The Sage took off her crown and handed it to Serein when the said crown turned into a gem– one that seemed like half of a whole.

“I’ll bestow this missing piece to you. By joining this lost part with its other half, the right to my crown shall be yours.”

‘Oh, hell Nah!’

Eyes rounded, Serein was about to flat-out call off this deal when once again, she was forced to bite her tongue due to what the Sage said next.

{I got that alongside the dragon lord’s elixir. I am certain this will help on your long journey in one way or another.}

Another item from the dragon lord?


She was bought at last.

‘I mean, that elixir alone can help me out on dealing with my Stiriacrus. Who knows if this item can somehow save me completely.’

If she ended up living the rest of her life as Serein, then dying over something that others caused would be the last of her wish list.

It’s just that shitty, okay?

If she had to die, she wanted to go by her own terms; not because she was cursed for someone else’s mistake.

Therefore, accepting this term should be a good deal.

‘I mean, at least my life would never be bleak anymore, I guess?’

Well, she would still fight for the peaceful life she once earned– but at least it’s better than a short and dull life filled with pain, right?

Watching as the glowing existence smiled, Serein soon heard another chaffy thing–

“It’s been a while since I last saw him… I couldn’t even comfort her or their family upon the loss. But, it’s nice that I could have this chance to fight alongside the descendant of my old comrade.”

She smiled before then her image got absorbed into the jewel that Serein carried while all the riches were absorbed into the staff which then morphed into a dull-looking, unsuspicious, bracelet.

Which, with both items now rested on Serein’s hand and wrist, left the room empty with old broken chests and a skeleton who just slumped to the ground.

It was only then that she realized that no one had moved from their place– neither Pam’s chirps nor Cherry’s startled noises could be heard during this profound interaction with the Sage earlier.

The only reason why she now realized that everything turned back to normal was due to Pam’s high-pitched shriek as he looked around–

“Everything is gone! Kapoof!! Where did they go?? Sparkly sparkly things went missing– KYAK! Sadge turned back into a boring skull! Oh no! She’s broken!”

All the while that young wyrm got vocals with his commentary, Cherry could only stare dumbfoundedly at her now empty surroundings and of course, her supposedly great ancestor which was now nothing more but a pile of bones.

“What… just happened?”

That baffled mage could almost swear that she did nothing. She’s barely even blinking when her ancestor started uttering those confusing riddles yet again.

So, really.

Did she somehow blank out due to shock or something?

Well, in midst of her confusion, however, there’s someone among them that’s still as cool as a cucumber while both Pam and herself looked at a loss.

Turning to her guide with big, comical question marks plastered all over her face, the princess in disguise was about to ask again, expecting a proper answer when she was slapped with a short casual reply of–

“I think… I just won a lottery?”

In the end, rather than an answer, she was whip slapped with a bigger question instead.

“What is a lottery?”

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