Disconnected – Chapter 10: Mainstream Trip (pt.5)

A chuckle could be heard before then– One mixed into two different peals of laughter which she could soon see the way the three heads looked amused at her statement.

“You seem to be more knowledgeable than a standard human. Quite impressive, I must say.”

That Eagle head commented with a scoff before the Wolf let out a long howl as thousands of roots came out of the ground, causing an earthquake as the earth itself cracked open around the wide-eyed Serein.

– Krasak! Krasak!!


Sharp as the tip of spears, each one of them acted as if they were programmed to aim for her vitals.

That agile adventurer barely managed to evade each one of those attacks as she kept on running away from the threatening plants chasing after her.

– Wooosh!! Wooosh!! Wooosh!!

Jumping to the left and right with the help of her uncontrollable Bronze Mili, She could hear Aidou’s loud laughter booming in the little space as they played her like a mouse trapped in a cage.

Which was technically true given the situation.

“Pffft. You can’t even work on your power correctly, Little Mouse~ And yet you dare to challenge us?”

Cocky in his tone, that Eagle mocked her once more as Aidou stomped on the ground and created more cracks on the once muddy soil

– Kurururu.


Gulping thickly as she backed away, the huge crack that the Mutant king just casually made nearly dropped her straight into the depths of this rotten land.

“You want to steal the heart of this woodland with such half-assed preparation. You’ve got balls, I’ll admit that.”

The Wolf lazily commented as Aidou once again went back to a sitting position, their serpent tail swinging back and forth most likely following The Eagle’s head’s excitement.

Once in a while, it’ll smash the ground and force her to dance some more like a pathetic trained animal performing in a circus.

The torpid Wolf barely paid Serein attention anymore after that first howl, while the mischievous Eagle seemed to be having fun tormenting her.

Meanwhile, with the ever so graceful Lion Head…

{Someone who smells like nature, felt similar to an ancient being we used to know, bears the curse of a broken oath, and one whose fate bends. All packed in that one tiny body that can barely handle your own inner power.}

The leader among the three kept on spouting forth similar words in her head without even a second of a break.

‘What the fuck did he expect me to say in this kind of situation, huh!?’

Starting another long paragraph of explanation while nearly getting punctured violently every time her feet landed on the ground?

‘How is this fair??’

– Booooom! Boooom!!

{Are you not going to tell us who you are, puny human? No, actually, do you even know what you’ve become?}

Aidou shot questions after questions, relentless in their pursuit of a proper answer.

Serein barely caught onto the rumbling voice’s words as she thought of something that was definitely more urgent than the Lion Head’s mysterious rants.

The ground continued to cave in, craters now decorating the vicinity like the surface of the moon.

“Damn it!”

She swore out loud.

‘I need to control this!’

Both her Mili and the situation as a whole.

That young adventurer needs to find an opening for herself to escape, because clearly the longer she stays, the higher her mortality rate would rise.

– Krrrr

Dust rose up as the Eagle erupted into a small fit of laughter.

Serein might as well die here instead of later at the sea– Which clearly, that’s not the sort of fate bending she wished to have regarding herself.

‘All that I wish for is to get myself a History Book.’

A literal textbook that might help her to survive this OP munchkin world.

‘So why the fuck did I end up in this situation, huh?!!’

She was so confident about defeating the ‘weakened’ Monster King just a couple of moments ago.

So, how?

How did this result in her dancing in front of death’s door for the said prey’s personal amusement??

“I swear if it’s because I don’t have the protag’s plot armor–”

– Shwik!

Her mumbling was cut short by the upcoming needle-like root that was seemingly about to gouge her eyes out just because she made a mistake such as blinking.



Looking up with brows arched with a question, Aidou was more intrigued with the commotion to pay attention to their new play-thing.

Explosions rang out and added to the chaos on the ground below. With a hair-width space between them, the roots halted from turning that young adventurer permanently blind as the barrier above them began to melt.


Followed by several more explosions, that small pause was exactly what Serein needed to get away from her fate of being a gore-themed cactus cosplay.

A burnt smell started to invade her nose as she finally had the chance to look up as the white-silverish fire spread on the plant-made dome.

“What the…?”

While pretty much gasping for air from the long acrobatic deal she must endure in order to not get stabbed or flattened, confusion filled that pair of brown all the while the rampaging bronze Mili was finally given the chance to calm down at last.

Though well, that was a bad decision it seemed, for she ended up with nothing to defend herself as that serpent tail of Aidou’s ended up whipping on her and flinging her body away till it hit another tree.

“Deciding to finally get out of that cave you call a lair, little halfling~?”

While that monochromatic-haired adventurer felt all dizzy and on the brink of unconsciousness, Aidou, who had lost interest in her, turned to the newcomer and gave them their heed.

“I thought you’re just going to forever hide in that little hole I accidentally made years ago?”

The Wolf head and The Eagle taunted one after another as they watched the one who was responsible for the assault.

All the while, with a shrug, that robed silver-haired male descended before then he smiled back at the arrogant King.

“They say that greeting your neighbors is a good thing that brings you a fortune. I am simply trying it out.”

“Heh, since when did I have a snake as a neighbor?”

The Eagle head cackled, knowing well what he had just done.

A Snake.

Cevahir, who’s a mongrel of a dragon, despite how it was an achievement to stay alive till this day, the fact that he’s not a pureblood itself has earned him an exile since he was but a child.

Separated from his mother without knowing who’s his father and has been called a snake all his life.

A snake, the symbol of fallen dragons…

The greatest insult towards his very existence. One that he had learned to ignore for he’s been hearing it ever since he was able to hear.

“Well, this snake was just checking on was that earthquake about, old man, what’s up? Did you trip or something?”

The edges of his lips curled up in a mocking sneer. He clicked his tongue in mock sorrow, and said,

“Tsk tsk, you haven’t been eating random mushrooms and lost it, have you? It would be such a shame for our so-called Monster King to be senile.”

At the moment, the two beings just kept on throwing dirt on each other, their banter getting louder as fire and earth were thrown at each other.

Meanwhile, with that battered body of the young adventurer…

– Riiiiiiiiiing

Stirring awake, Serein questioned herself on what was currently happening, seeing that she can’t exactly see right now. In addition, her hearing is… weird.

Probably from that last harsh hit she had taken.

Her vision felt like it was blocked by a piece of wet plaster, what with the uncomfortable blurriness hanging over it.

She rubbed her eyes a bit to clear up her view to no avail despite how her hearing slowly got fixed up.

‘I… Did I really just lose my sight like that???’

A bit spooked out, however, Serein knows that she couldn’t just idle around, hence why she immediately scooted away from the loudness she could hear from a distance away.

Though, well, she was not expecting to hear how Aidou and Cevahir bickered like an old married couple or something.

Serein could almost swear that she just heard the sound of her common sense shattering as she heard of this banter when not so long after, she heard something else…

“Haa. Adults really don’t hold back, even against children.”

That young adventurer was startled beyond belief as another voice came very close to her ear—

No, actually, something was sitting on her shoulder. The addition in weight was not that significant but she doubted that the said weight was felt due to her dislocated joints.

‘Not to mention this voice…’

She just heard it not so long ago.


Or is it Sam?

Well, either way, it’s one of the Wyrms.

“Yes yes~! Pam is here! Ready to report!”

The bubbly hatchling chirped cheerfully despite the loud explosions in the background.

Well, either way, the corner of her lips curled upward slightly as she felt relief washed in.

“Ah, did you guys come here because of the earthquake as Cevahir-min said?”

“Yes yes! We met pinkie-head on the way~!”

‘Pinkie head?’

Just as she thought so, someone else was carefully lifting her up from the ground.

“Well, he meant me.”


Serein sounded a bit in disbelief.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave if something bad were to happen—?”

“And leave you all alone here? Not a chance.”

That mage sternly replied as she helped the injured one move away from the battle that occurred behind them.

{Hurry and take Pam and that Lotus-head away from here, little girl. I’ll distract this old fart until your return.}

Another voice invaded her head, but this time it was Cevahir’s— whereas, judging from how raw the voice sounded, he might not be able to last for long. Which made sense since he barely recovered from that poisoning from before, and yet here he was, once again pushing through with his astounding magic.

All the while they moved away from that place, Pam went his merry way to report on what was happening to the temporarily blind girl.
That green tail swished back and forth as the owner happily did his unofficial duty of doing a live commentary.

“—Ceva-chi got hit by the evil tail, but he awesomely put up a magic shield and blocked it~!”

“AH!! The old mungo just hit Ceva-chi with his tail again!! That tail is overused, I swear!”

“Ha ha! Take that old mungo! Feel Ceva-chi’s greatness!!! Nyahahaha! More fire, Ceva-chi! More pretty flames~!! FIREEEEEEE!”

Pam vibrated with enthusiasm, that greenish-blue hatchling broadcasting the fight in real-time. A soft chuckle escaped Serein’s bruised lips as she replied to the young Wyrm.

“As fun as that would be, we can’t cause a big fire, else the woodlands may very well burn to ashes. Though, I very much appreciate your comments, Pam-min. It is very helpful.”

She then also asked Cherry to lead them into a cave that’s supposedly not that far from where they found her.

Meanwhile in the midst of all this chaos.

Back at the cave where that young knight was left behind…

– Wchwchwchwchwchwch

The distinct roaring of the waterfall bounced against the cave walls, forming a beautiful melody.

It would have been a nice and peaceful resting time for the young knight, had it not been for the eyes boring holes into him from across him Sam, the Wyrm that was left to guard the cave, refused to look away, much less take a pee break.

He stared, unblinking.

The knight stared back, smiling wryly.

Gil had a staring contest with Sam— at least, that was how this situation felt to that young man as the wyrm’s eyes never left the human’s figure even for a second.

That poor guy felt sheepish as the bluish-green hatchling stared at him intensely— which was something that the young Wyrm had been doing ever since Cevahir and Pam left to investigate what that strong earthquake was about.

‘Ah, he did that again.’

That one-legged knight sweatdropped lightly when he saw how Sam closed his eyes one after another as if he was afraid to lose sight of this stranger if he actually blinked normally.

Such vigilance over a supposedly crippled man.

‘I mean, it would be logical if I knew how to teleport.’

But he’s not even a mage nor did he have a teleportation scroll in his belongings. So…

“Umm… Sam-min, I am really not going anywhere, nor am I capable of leaving far away from this cave, so please be at ease…?”

“Nah! Humans can’t be trusted! I will not let you gaslight me into resting and then steal our place for yourself somehow. No!”

Similar answer to all of the questions he had uttered before.

Well, poor Gil can only hold back his sigh as this lasted till hours later when the others finally returned from their eventful trip.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! I’m back now with the recovered chapters and updates. Hope you all would enjoy it, and I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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