Disconnected – Prologue

‘Huh, it’s been a while since this happened.’

It was a stormy night and I couldn’t sleep well. Despite the exhaustion lingering after finishing the deadline, my mind was restless. 

Which is normal.

‘It had always been like that.’

My body would only feel at ease after a day or two, whereby that’s why I wasn’t all that worried.

Or, well, normally, I wouldn’t be that weirded out, for I wouldn’t feel hurt despite losing a limb or two, let alone from pinching my own arm or cheek. 

However, when I woke up this time and tested my sensory response, for the first time since this ever happened, I blinked, feeling at loss due to how I can actually feel the unexpected pain.

‘Huh. That’s new.’

That being said, to be transmigrated into a different world as another person is way too fantasy-like to be real.

Looking around after sitting up, I realized that I’m in an unfamiliar-looking bedroom that was very likely to be part of an inn.

‘Who am I now?’

There’s no mirror nearby, so I decided to go to the bathroom so I can check for one. 

While walking there, I realized that my steps were heavier than normal and my body was cold.

‘Did the heater break in real life?’

I’ll check that later once I wake up from this dream. After all, I couldn’t afford to get sick when there’s still so much I need to do.

‘Either way…’

I stared at my own reflection and tried to take in the details the best I could. Normally I would have figured things out by now, yet this time I struggled to figure out who this person I’m ‘possessing’.

“Did I become an extra this time?”

I couldn’t hold back my shock as I touched my own face with these calloused fingers.

Usually, I’d become the Main Character when these dreams come to me. I’d rarely see them from a third-person point of view.


It’s not that bad.

‘At least, my gender is aligned this time.’


From the looks of it, I’d be in my early twenties or possibly younger.

But I still couldn’t remember who I might have become. It’ll be even harder to find out on my own since I’m likely to be an Extra, an existence that I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to.

“Well, whatever.”

I’ll figure it out later after taking a shower first and cleaning myself from these nasty sweaty clothes.

Pale face, black bob haircut with two silverish-white streaks framing the face, and a pair of hazel eyes.

That’s my current appearance.

None of my Main Characters looked like this, nor do the antagonists and secondary characters.

And since I couldn’t remember at the first glance, then it can only mean it is not one of the ‘finished ones’. 

That is when a memory of last night flashed.

It was a stormy night and I couldn’t sleep well. Therefore I decided to explore the old drafts on my tablet and deleted the unused files when I reached one of the oldest folders I have.

7 years.

This folder has been untouched for so long.

My mind was getting drowsy as I clicked on it.

[The Fallen Grace]

It was a fantasy novel about a rebellious Main Character who decided to free himself from the bounds of ‘fate’. It was a story of Arlia Whitlock, a teenager who ran away from his home and set on a journey that he believed to be different from what’s set in stone.

An unfinished story

It’s been long since forgotten.

With a sigh, I dried myself as I stepped out of the bathroom.

Now I remember who I am.

I also know where this is. 


Perhaps I subconsciously refused to let this story go unfinished forever. Why else would I dream of it like this?

‘Oh well, since it’s come to this…’

I stepped outside for the first time with a twinkle of excitement in my eyes.

Author Note: Heyya folks! Anemic Bunnicula here~! the chapter was lost due to technical difficulties and it took some time for me to recover some parts of the story, but hey! I’m back now, and the chapters would be up soon with updates. Well then~!!! I’ll see you again in the next chapter, Chao~!

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