A stroll down the memory lane (Part 2)

Note: There might be a few errors on the spelling that I didn’t notice. Sorry for that. Hope you enjoy part 2!


Sometimes when you thought everything would go well, life suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

Jesse’s new friend, Chirpie, was found dead. Three days after the party. Its neck was cut and blood splattered on the floor of the prince’s room.


Jesse held the bird with his tiny hands and let the stream of tears rolled down. The young prince could only cry for the death of a friend. He has no ether thus no chance of healing the bird, nor power to seek revenge for the ones who were responsible. No money to buy at least a fine cloth to wrap the creature in it and no other friend whom he could share his grief with. The poor prince has only his tears to share in a room with nobody but himself.


After the tears, Jesse went to his cabinet and picked one of his finest shirt (not that he has any) and covered the bird. He then went to the garden alone to bury it and  mouthed his prayers.


Cedric can feel his blaze being stopped by the mars of hygeom. In the time that he’s been here, he have seen enough  of the difficulties the prince has suffered and everytime he felt losing himself to the wrath he have been feeling.


He had observed how the maids behave around the prince and even heard them talking about how they should not show the prince any kindness or else they will be punished. There was a story of a previous maid who had died in the hands of Weiner for the same reason. 


Some nobles who visited the palace look at him like a stained rag who doesn’t deserve to be there. And Cedric who has been there time and time again would let his ether explode like bomb to warn them but it was futile. This was the past. Jesse’s past. No matter what action he took here wouldn’t be counted because he wasn’t a part of it. He was just a mere spectator.

And even that thought brought a surge of fury. 


There was a time when he felt scorching heat in a conversation with the young prince and his older sister.


“Jesse, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in your room?”

 Any outsider could tell that Elise was somewhat uncomfortable with conversing with his little brother. Whether she felt awkward for him having a different father or its a response as to protect his younger brother to prevent Weiner from seeing them, Ced was unsure but he continued to listen in their conversation.


“Sister, I brought some fruits and water. I heard from mother that you have been undergoing training. I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

The little boy looked down as if feeling shy. His hand carrying a basket inside contains a water container and a variety of fruits. 

They were in a different lind of setting. Ced concluded that this might be a training room for paladons and the like. There were wooden swords on the side and training gears. He has been a voewer in Jesse’s past and most of the scenes where he watched him was inside his bedroom so being out was kind of different. He watched the sister’s reaction to confirm his suspicion.

Elise smiled to ease his brother and again felt uncomfortable because of the topic. She has awaken her abilities as a paladin quite early and she didn’t want his brother to feel more burdened as the priest were forcing him to awaken his powers.

“Thank you Jesse” She took the water and fruits he was offering. 

The young prince beamed with joy when his sister patted his head and decided to ask her.



“Um… Is it okay if I ask you something?” he hesitantly added.

Elise was thinking that maybe her little brother has a request to make and was too shy to ask about it directly to their mother. 

“Of course” she smiled to assure him.

“What is a bastard?”

Elise dropped the water she was currently holding. The water escaping the container flows to the ground without stopping like the thump of Elise heart as she felt her amxiety and amger building. 


“Where did you hear that?” She asked him carefully. She didn’t want him to feel her anger. 


“I heard someone in the hallway outside the bedroom talking about it. Am I a bastard? Why are they saying I’m a mistake? Does bastard and mistake mean the same thing? I slept early and ate all the vegetables as I was told. Was there some kind of wrong thing I’m doing? Why am I a mistake?”


The question of the innocent child broke the heart of steel of the older sister. His purple eyes held no malice, just pure curiosity which made her feel torn even more. But more importantly, she was angry at the people who talk carelessly about their family. Angry at the father who held nothing but hatred for the sinless child. Angry at herself for not being able to do anything to protect her siblings


Was it not enough that she had to change his silverwares everytime Jesse is given food for it contains poison? How many attendants have to die for trying to assassinate him? This madness that her father has brought on in which Elise could only help ‘secretly’ in fear of a strained relationship between him and her mother.


Father, How long are you planning to charge him of sins he wasn’t guilty of? She mumbled to herself. And for how long will she feel sorry because of her father’s crimes? Elise feared that when the time comes, she could no longer protect her brother.


“Jesse, I–” She couldn’t find the right words to say. Heck! How could she even begin to explain?


For a brief moment, silence was shared between the siblings. Jesse then looked at her and smiled. She knows he noticed how she couldn’t answer and she felt even more sorry than before because she couldn’t change her expression, she may have let him realize something.


“Its okay sister.I would go back now as you have instructed. Again, I’m sorry for disturbing your training” 

He ran before she could even tell him anything. Not that she’ll be able to.

The exchange of words between siblings made Ced fall into deep thought. He pondered if the Princess could really be trusted.


Christelle’s POV


“I’m sorry child”


Ehh. Now that was awkward. She didn’t know what to say nor what to do in that situation. Well, no one could see her anyway nor felt her presence so there was really nothing left to do.


However, she thought she needed to say something. No. She should


Let’s see


“It’s okay?” 


Now why did that sound like a question?


 Maybe she should try again.


“Its okay!” 


Nope. Nope.


“It’s okay?!”


 Too cheerful. Too optimistic. Too much.


She sighed. If prince Jesse was here, he would have know what to say. 


But then again, he was not here nor the adorable pandas. And for a moment she felt alone. She recalled, there was a time when she had to repeat the words “okay” again and again to feel calm. She released another sigh. She thought of her partners once again. 

I bet, if his majesty knew about me being here. He would have tried to burn not just my handkerchief.

She smiled a little and went back to sighing. Is this all I’m gonna do here? Now that her eyes have adjusted to the neverending darkness the room had, she looked at the child lying on the bed with his father grasping one hand while sitting beside him. The child had his eyebrows crossed like he was having a nightmare or something. Drops of sweat covered his pale face and only the groans escaping from his lips indicates he’s alive, nonetheless he looks dead for he remains not moving in that position for a long time. If this situation was not this grieve, she would have cracked a joke on how he has a bad temper even as a child. But she couldn’t say so not when he looked so ill and weak. Not the prince he knew who’d burst his scorching ether every chance he has when she tried to annoy him.

His father who was beside him all the time was trying to ease the child’s pain and it was a question on whether it was improving the prince’s condition or not. Anyone in that position would feel helpless.


She thought she was not supposed to be here. This memory is private and so intimate that she felt more guilty the more she stayed.


On the other hand, she was glad to have a glimpse of the Prince’s father. So this is what they are supposed to be like. 


Good fathers are extremely rare, her teacher is one but so far the only thing she has seen is a father trying to kill his stepson, a father willing to kill innocent people to save his own reputation and a father who kills their daughter to spite someone.


She felt warm as she looks at the father and son moment. Then suddenly…


“Is  there an earthquake?” Christelle shouted in surprise. The ground was grumbling and everything was shaking. Her surroundings are fading into white and goes back to black. Like a broken screen. 


‘Wait, Wait a moment!” the views change swiftly and Christelle is getting dizzy. She felt her body trembled with the sound. She could still hear but she couldn’t seem to grapsed what is happening


“Father, why? Why is it…?” panic was visible on tge child’s voice. 

“It’s not your fault”

“Father, I-I can’t…”

“I’m sorry”

“I-It won’t stop!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”


She tried to scrub her eyes but still she couldn’t see what’s happening. What could have happen for him to panic like that? She was curious but she can no longer stay here anymore. It felt like someone was forcing her to get out. In the end, those were the last words she heard before losing consciousness.


Jesse’s POV


By the time he opened his eyes, they were back in the market. The last thing he recall was hugging the young Ham Ga In. He looked at his right side and find Christelle staring off into space. He touched her shoulder gently. 


“Prince Jesse?” She blinked a few times and after taking a gaze of the surrounding she simply nodded her head. The prince on his left was also quiet so he decided to touch him but before he could he glared at him.


Hey! What did I do? I was just trying to wake you up!


The prince closed his eyes for a moment and begin to focus at him.


“Are you awake already? Should I pour water?” Christelle asked.


“Go ahead and I’ll burn you first” 


“ I was just checking if you got your brain lagged or something. A shower would be good for activating your braincells”


Fire flickered on the side of the market and Jesse could only scratch the back of his head. 


These two lovebirds are it again. 


He was amazed on how weird. No , I mean how ‘special’ the prince and Christel wooed each other.


What was the saying again? Ah! The more you hate, the more you love. 

Jesse agreed with his thought.

All of a sudden the ground was covered with ice. If he didn’t stop them now, the whole market will be in chaos and who knows if they’ll be featured in an article once again or what’s worse is that he’ll be confined at the palace because of the trouble they cause.


“Calm down both of you. By the way are you both okay?” The two stopped their staring contest and looked at him.

They stared blankly at him.

“Are you hurt in any way? “ He asked once again, confused by their reaction. 


“How about you prince? Are you okay?” Christelle was the first one to ask. 


“What happened to you anyway?” Prince Cedric followed. 


Umm… How is he going to explain that he went to another world? Most spefically to Korea? Not literally and not the same Korea but way past? He sighed. It would be a long and unbelievable explanation.


“I’m okay. I think  I fell asleep. I don’t remember exactly what happened” 


His partners looked at him without saying anything


Did they buy it?


“How about you two?” He asked.


“Oh! Um, nothing happened as well! As in! I fell asleep too!” Chritelle said suspiciously while stealing a glance at the Prince.


“Nothing happened as well” That was Prince Cedric’s short reply.


It seemed like he was the only one who went back? He was relieved that both of his friend were okay and that nothing bad happened.


It was a weird and somehow insightful adventure. He even wondered of everything he have seen was true. After minutes of contemplating, he decided to not think of complicated things to much. When he come back to palace later, he could have just write it down again and he could maybe ask the opionion of demy and Ttuksim.

With that thought, he told the Prince that they should return early. He was thinking how the red pandas might get more angry if they stayed at the market for too long.


They took one more turn pf sightseeing and then they all agreed to return to the palace afterwards.


Omniscient’s POV


The young child caught sight of the back of three people going back. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to remember meeting her but the memories of each other that they saw might be useful in their journey that’s about to come. She just hopes that the warning she had given would be remembered by the two paladins who in the future will have the chance to change the writer’s ending of the story.


-End of part 2-



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